While the American Dental Association continues to insist on the safety and “enviable 150 year track record” of amalgams (aka, “mercury” or “silver” fillings), undertakers in the country of Scotland have found otherwise.     The UK’s commitment to the Kyoto Accord to reduce worldwide pollution from toxic chemicals and vapors requires that crematoriums halve their mercury emissions by 2012 at the latest.

render lard processMore people are waking up to the old time notion of how cost effective and healthy it is to render lard.

Yes, lard!

Lard is a healthy, traditional fat from pigs that can be used to greatly enhance the flavor and nutrition of your home cooking and baking.

fetal ultrasoundPeople are usually surprised when I tell them that I have never had a prenatal ultrasound despite having 3 children. Ultrasound is a standard medical procedure that most pregnant women undergo at least once during pregnancy if not 2 times or more. Even birthing centers that specialize in low risk pregnancies such as where I received my prenatal care,

tomato soupWant to make a pot of soup, and lo and behold, there is no organic bone broth in your freezer? It’s easy to make a pot of tomato soup using miso as the base instead.

Whatever you do, don’t resort to MSG loaded bouillon cubes, soup base powders, or cans of nutritionless (and also MSG laced) chicken stock from the store! 

My son and I watched a few minutes of Dr. Oz’s TV show on overcoming obesity last night.   The show airs on Discovery Health.    For fun, we both decided to watch a few minutes of the show and see how many things Dr. Oz got wrong until the next commercial break.

It didn’t take long,

Last night about 11pm, I finally republished The Healthy Home Economist blog on its own unique domain:  www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com !

Prior to yesterday, my blog had been published under Google’s “blogspot” domain, which was causing me some growth issues among other things.

Fortunately, Ann Marie of Cheeseslave told me last week that I needed to get my act together and get my own domain pronto.   

A1 and A2 raw milk cows

Is it possible that the farm fresh dairy you are buying is not healthy? Yes, this is very possible and this week’s vlog tells you why and shows you how to discern the best one for your family.   I also go over the difference between A1 and A2 raw milk which refers to the different type of casein (protein) in milk from different breeds of cows.   

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