Dr. Oz is Clueless about REAL Nutrition

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My son and I watched a few minutes of Dr. Oz’s TV show on overcoming obesity last night.   The show airs on Discovery Health.    For fun, we both decided to watch a few minutes of the show and see how many things Dr. Oz got wrong until the next commercial break.

It didn’t take long, I can assure you!

First of all, Dr. Oz seems obsessed with having overweight people work out every single day.   I realize that physical activity is an important part of losing weight, but unless you are eating the right foods to give you stable blood sugar and lasting energy, the fitness habit will just never happen.  The participants just get too worn out and quit their required workout routines very quickly.

Edamame is Not a Healthy Snack!

The next thing that made my son and I nearly fall off the couch was Dr. Oz teaching some poor gal in his own kitchen how to eat what he thought were “healthy foods”.    First, he gives her a bowl of fat free plain yogurt mixed with some blackberries and a plate of edamame (soy) to eat.

This guy can’t be that out of touch with reality, can he?   Evidently so.  

If someone fed me a bowl of fat free yogurt and a bunch of edamame, I would go and very quickly stick my entire head in a large bag of potato chips and I don’t even have a weight issue.   Can you imagine what feeding this unsatisfying fare to an obese person would do to his/her hunger cravings?

Remove the creamy, luscious fat from the top of a container of yogurt and you have a meal that will leave you scrounging for cookies, donuts, and chips in very short order.

Then, there’s the edamame.   Shame on Dr. Oz for not being up on the dangers of soy to the thyroid gland.   An obese person should be running for the hills away from soy, not eating it as a recommended snack!    Soy is a potent goitrogen (thyroid suppressor) and contributes greatly to hypothyroidism which an obese person would almost certainly suffer from.   Any doctor who advises an obese patient to be eating soy should have his head examined.

We turned the TV off at that point.   I couldn’t watch anymore and it had only been about 10 minutes.    Those poor folks trying to lose weight on that show don’t have a prayer of slimming down and maintaining it for any length of time.

As soon as the cameras stop rolling, they will be diving back into their processed food ways once again, I have no doubt.    Only Real Food that contains lots of natural, unprocessed animal fats like eggs (with the yolks!), whole milk, butter, cheese, cream, coconut oil, grassfed meats with all the fat will satisfy that hunger and stabilize the blood sugar enough to help them finally let go of the carb and sugar addiction that is the true cause of their obesity and ill health.

Until the truth of the nutritional paradox that whole, unprocessed fats do not make you fat actually goes mainstream, then America’s obesity epidemic will only get worse.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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