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This past Friday, totally on a whim, I entered my mayonnaise videoblog from this past March in the Natural News Video Recipe Contest.    I chose that one to enter in the contest because – even though not my best vlog by a long shot as I was still rather uncomfortable in front of the camera – it is a short video and also because mayo is a very popular, mainstream food that you really need to make yourself at home to get a quality product for a reasonable cost. 

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My primary goal in entering this contest was to introduce a lot of new health conscious folks who read Natural News to REAL FOOD and how to properly prepare it. 

I’ve checked through most of the other video recipe entries and it seems that mine is the only one that uses any animal foods whatsoever (pastured eggs)!    Many of the Natural News readers are vegan or raw vegan which leaves my recipe at a big disadvantage from the get go for that reason.

Can you help me out?   Please take a moment and go over to Natural News and vote for my Mayo videoblog!

Thanks so much and I can’t wait to post my vlog for this week .. it’s in response to a number of emails I’ve received lately.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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