Raw and Pasteurized Yogurt Differences (plus video)

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Yogurt is a favorite food of many Americans.   It is loaded with probiotics and much easier to digest than plain milk even for those with no milk tolerance issues.  As a result, when folks are making the transition to fresh, unpasteurized milk from the farm for the very first time, raw yogurt is a food that most readily wish to try.

After all, if raw milk was truly as dangerous and pathogen ridden as the government would have us believe, it wouldn’t culture into yogurt so easily, would it? Consequently, folks in the process of making the mental paradigm shift to fresh dairy usually feel extremely comfortable with raw yogurt even if raw milk is still a bit too out of the box for them for the time being.

I am fortunate to have a local farm that makes absolutely fabulous raw milk yogurt.    However, I find that I spend quite a bit of time explaining the differences between raw milk yogurt and store bought yogurt to newcomers.

As a result, I thought I would spend a few minutes explaining raw and pasteurized yogurt differences for this week’s video lesson.

Raw and Pasteurized Yogurt Differences

By the way, if you wish to try your hand at making raw milk yogurt yourself as you do not have a local source available, Nourished Kitchen has a great how-to blog on the steps required.

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