How to Prepare Immune System Boosting Bone Marrow (video)

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Bone marrow was an important sacred food for the preindustrialized Indian cultures living in the Rocky Mountain range far into the Canadian North during the early 1900’s.

Dr. Weston A . Price studied these cultures firsthand and documented in his masterpiece Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that bone marrow was provided as a special dietary ration for growing children and also served as a substitute for milk when necessary.

Bone marrow is not a typical food in the Western diet, but it should be.  It is not only one of the most delicious of all the sacred foods, it’s also one of the most inexpensive!

Not much nutritional analysis of bone marrow has been done to date, but it is more than likely loaded with Vitamin K and other fat soluble nutrients due to its importance in the diets of healthy Traditional Cultures and also because it is comprised almost entirely of fat.

Bone marrow contains the immune stimulating lipids alkyglycerols which may explain why some children suffering from leukemia quickly experience a return to normal white blood cell counts and improved energy when they consumed this sacred food under the care of Swedish oncologist Dr. Astrid Brohult.

In this latest video, I show you how to roast bone marrow for a quick, nutritious, and delicious snack or meal.   I also show you my favorite way to serve it for my family.


How to Prepare Bone Marrow Fast!

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