Raw Milk Fast 2013 (Day 1)

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raw milk fast 2013 day 1How did your first day of Raw Milk Fast 2013 go?   Here are the thoughts and observations from Paula, Richard, and me as we began the 3 day journey. Please post the observations and thoughts from your own fast in the comments section.  We all want to know how you’re doing!

To read last year’s notes from Raw Milk Fast 2012 – Day 1 to compare, click here.

Paula: This is my 3rd year doing the raw milk fast. The first year I went 12 days and last year 10. Sarah & I (at least I think I speak for her as well) are at the point where we feel 3 days will be sufficient.  Neither of us are looking to lose weight or solve a health issue so a gentle seasonal cleanse is all that is in order.

I am following most of the standard Milk Cure “rules” for maximum rest and rejuvenation which by the  way I agree with. By ‘most’, I mean I am doing a few things differently this go round. . .

Rules in review. . .I am using a combo of raw milk/raw kefir and will drink between ¾ and a full gallon a day along with some water.  I will get a salts bath in at least 1/3 days. I will get 8-9 hours of sleep each night but I will still work 12-14 hours. That is life right now and I must do what I must. I will do my very best to be less reactive and handle things in a calmer manner.

I ended up drinking an entire gallon today; I was very, very hungry and it did not seem to fill me up like it did in the past. I actually added in some extra cream at the end of the day and that seemed to help from a satiety standpoint.

Today was a “rest” day from working out. The past 2 years the fast was longer and as I felt the effects of detoxing I refrained from intense workouts. However, this year I am in the throes of an intense progressive strength routine, committed to a 4 day a week group program and making very good gains. I am going to continue to lift heavy and sweat. While yoga does wonders for some folks nothing like a good begonia busting workout and heavy prowler sprints cleanses my soul and body.

And nothing beats a cold glass of raw milk post wod (workout of the day). Cheers you all!

Richard:  I don’t expect any problems with the raw milk fast this year as I had a pretty easy time of it last year.  Fasting on raw milk seems to agree with me so no worries.

Drank 6 cups of milk throughout the day with extra raw cream added to each glass to keep blood sugar nice and steady.

Felt great and worked a full day as usual with no energy issues whatsoever.

Sarah:  Had my first glass of raw milk just after the kids got off to school.  Drank 6 cups (half raw cow milk and half raw goat milk) by lunchtime and was feeling great.

Started feeling ravenously hungry about 1pm and this continued throughout the rest of the day.  I just couldn’t shake it no matter how much milk I drank.  I just wanted FOOD!

This surprised me as I didn’t feel this incredibly hungry on the first day of the fast last year.

Stopped by the supermarket to weigh myself on my way to get the kids from school.  Weighed 124 lbs.  I don’t own a scale so this was the first time I’d weighed myself in I don’t know how long.   My goal is not to lose any weight so I intend to drink as much milk as necessary to keep from feeling any hunger.

Problem is, it wasn’t working yesterday.  Finally, around 8:30 pm I had a cup of raw yogurt to try and get something heavier in my stomach thinking that might help.  It did, and I felt a little bit better and slightly less hungry.

Took a 20 minute salts bath around 9pm to relax a bit and encourage detoxification.

Drank 15 glasses of milk (including the 1 cup of raw yogurt) by the time I hit the sack at 10pm.  Half of it was raw cow milk and the rest was raw goat milk.  That is 25% more than I drank last year on day 1!

15 cups of raw milk is about 2350 calories (goat milk is slightly higher in calories than cow milk) which is a lot for a little gal like me.  Amazing I could still feel hungry taking in that many calories.

Other than hunger, I felt great all day. Last year I had a headache on day 1, but not this year.  No fatigue or energy issues at all.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist 

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  • Alan

    Can drinking raw milk be dangerous if the appendix is removed?

    August 20th, 2015 8:33 am Reply
    • Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

      I personally know someone with no appendix who drinks raw milk just fine.

      August 20th, 2015 12:57 pm Reply
  • Linda

    Sarah I also hope you will be doing the raw milk fast again this year! I finally have all the raw milk I can handle! Before it was so hard to get. Thank you Lord!

    March 12th, 2014 6:54 pm Reply
  • Sheril C

    I hope you are going to sponsor a raw milk fast again this spring. Of course in my part of the country and several others winter has been extended and I don’t know when to expect spring to show up!

    March 12th, 2014 6:43 pm Reply
  • Judy

    I went 2 days, but by end of second day my wonderful raw goat milk was not only starting to get stuck in my bowels, what did come out was burning me badly like I haven’t had anything do in years. I drink the milk regularly but this is the first time I have done just it mono for any length of time. Anyone have a clue why it alone would take to burning on the way out?

    March 9th, 2013 4:15 pm Reply
    • Denise

      All of the writings on this therapy that I have read, including the book by one of the doctors who used it, have said that ONLY raw cow’s milk should be used.

      The issue you described is your body adapting to it. Three days is not enough time for that to happen. The instructions also say to drink small amounts every half hour. Too much will cause diarrhea and too little can cause constipation.

      Here is some info: http://www.milk-diet.com/index.html

      And here is Crewes’s original abridged article:

      By J. R. Crewe, MD
      January 1929

      The following is an edited version of an article by Dr. J. R. Crewe, of the Mayo Foundation, forerunner of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, published in Certified Milk Magazine, January 1929. We are grateful to Dr. Ron Schmid, ND of Middlebury, CT for unearthing this fascinating piece. The “Milk Cure” was the subject of at least two books by other authors, written subsequently to Dr. Crewe’s work. The milk used was, in all cases, the only kind of milk available in those days–raw milk from pasture-fed cows, rich in butterfat. The treatment is a combination of detoxifying fast and nutrient-dense feeding. Note that Crewe quotes William Osler, author of a standard medical textbook of the day. Thus, this protocol was an orthodox, accepted therapy in the early 1900s. Today the Mayo Clinic provides surgery and drug treatments, but nothing as efficacious and elegant as the Milk Cure.

      For fifteen years the writer has employed the certified milk treatment in various diseases and during the past ten he had a small sanitarium devoted principally to this treatment. The results obtained in various types of disease have been so uniformly excellent that one’s conception of disease and its alleviation is necessarily changed. The method itself is so simple that it does not greatly interest most doctors and the main stimulus for its use is from the patients themselves.

      To cure disease we should seek to improve elimination, to make better blood and more blood, to build up the body resistance. The method used tends to accomplish these things. Blood conditions rapidly improve and the general condition and resistance is built up and recovery follows.

      In several instances, Osler (Principles and Practices of Medicine, by William Osler, MD eighth edition) speaks of milk as being nothing more than white blood. Milk resembles blood closely and is a useful agent for improving and making new and better blood. Blood is the chief agent of metabolism. Milk is recognized in medical literature almost exclusively as a useful food and is admitted to be a complete food.

      The therapy is simple. The patients are put at rest in bed and are given at half hour intervals small quantities of milk, totalling from five to ten quarts of milk a day. Most patients are started on three or four quarts of milk a day and this is usually increased by a pint a day. Diaphoresis [copious perspiration] is stimulated by hot baths and hot packs and heat in other forms. A daily enema is given.

      The treatment is used in many chronic conditions but chiefly in tuberculosis, diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular and renal conditions, hypertension, and in patients who are underweight, run-down, etc. Striking results are seen in diseases of the heart and kidneys and high blood pressure. In cases in which there is marked edema, the results obtained are surprisingly marked. This is especially striking because so-called dropsy has never been treated with large quantities of fluid. With all medication withdrawn, one case lost twenty-six pounds in six days, huge edema disappearing from the abdomen and legs, with great relief to the patient. No cathartics or diuretics were given. This property of milk in edema has been noted in both cardiac and renal cases.

      Patients with cardiac disease respond splendidly without medication. In patients who have been taking digitalis and other stimulants, the drugs are withdrawn. High blood pressure patients respond splendidly and the results in most instances are quite lasting. The treatment has been used successfully in obesity without other alimentation. One patient reduced from 325 pounds to 284 in two weeks, on four quarts of milk a day, while her blood pressure was reduced from 220 to 170. Some extremely satisfying results have been obtained in a few cases of diabetics.

      When sick people are limited to a diet containing an excess of vitamins and all the elements necessary to growth and maintenance, which are available in milk, they recover rapidly without the use of drugs and without bringing to bear all the complicated weapons of modern medicine.

      Under the head of Treatment in Chronic Gastritis, Osler has said, “A rigid milk diet should be tried” (Principles and Practices of Medicine, by William Osler, M.D., eighth edition). And quoting from George Cheyne, he wrote, “Milk and sweet sound blood differ in nothing but color: milk is blood.” Under the heading of treatment in many diseases, it was true that he had little to say about drugs but did say a good deal about diet and particularly as in most every instance he recommended large quantities of milk.

      Under chronic Bright’s disease (p 704) he says, “Milk or buttermilk should constitute for a time, the chief article of food.” Under treatment of cancer of stomach (p 505), he says many patients do best on milk alone. Under treatment of rheumatic fever (p 378), he says, “Milk is the most suitable diet.” With Olser as a background, one need not hesitate to go a bit farther. In fact, practically all medical men are agreed as to the value of milk as a food, and as an important part of the diet in the treatment of many diseases. But as the chief remedy in the treatment of disease, it is seldom used.

      For more than 16 years I have conducted a small sanitarium where milk is used almost exclusively in the treatment of various diseases. The results have been so regularly satisfactory that I have naturally become enthusiastic and interested in this method of treating disease. We used good Guernsey milk, equal to 700 calories to the quart.

      Interestingly, diseases that have no similarity respond equally to this treatment. For instance, psoriasis clears up beautifully. The improvement in tuberculosis or nephritis is equally interesting but there is no similarity in these diseases. I once heard a very distinguished medical man discussing a case of psoriasis. He said, “This was the worst case of psoriasis I have ever seen. This boy was literally covered from head to foot with scales. We put this boy on a milk diet and in less than a month he had a skin like a baby’s.” To me, this means that there was evidently some nutritive substance or vitamin or glandular secretion lacking, that was furnished by the milk.

      It is well known that there is no time in the life of practically any mammal, but especially of the human, when the body is so beautiful and perfect as during the period when milk is the only food. It will be admitted that there is no period in life when the body is so perfect as in infancy, the infant being fed on milk from a healthy mother.

      The Arabs are said (Encyclopedia Brittanica) to be the finest race, physically, in the world. Their diet consists mostly of milk and milk products with fruits and vegetables, and some meat.

      You are all familiar with the writings of Colonel McCarrison, a medical officer in the British Army. He tells us that for nine years he was stationed in India in a district in the Himalayan Mountains. He said that the natives were very fine physically, that they retained a youthful appearance to advanced age and lived long and that they were very fertile. During the nine years of his residence there he saw practically no disease, no cases of malignancy or of abdominal disease. The diet of these people was simple and consisted principally of vegetables and fruits and milk and milk products.

      Steffanson wrote most interestingly of the Eskimo, who, when uncontaminated by civilized conditions were hardy and robust. Their diet of course was almost entirely of meat and fish. He tells us, however, that the habits of meat-eating people are similar to those of carnivorous animals. The wolf first attacks the heart and gets the blood and later eats the glandular organs and viscera, leaving the muscle meats till the last. The Eskimo does the same thing.

      During one expedition Mr. Steffanson and party started on a nine months’ trip over the Arctic ice with only one day’s provisions. All previous Arctic explorers had said that civilized men could not live in the Arctic regions without bringing in their supplies. Mr. Steffanson and his party, during the nine months, were almost never without an abundance of food, and much of it was eaten frozen and raw. I wish to show from Steffanson’s experience, first, that it is possible for people to be robust and maintain good health on various types of food of limited variety. That the condition common to all types of diet is, that much of the food is eaten raw. I wish to say here that our very excellent results obtained in the treatment of disease were had with uncooked food and raw milk.

      The experience of seeing many cases of illness improve rapidly on a diet of raw milk has suggested more and more the feeling that much of modern disease is due to an increasing departure from simple methods of preparing plain foods. The treatment of various diseases over a period of 18 years with a practically exclusive milk diet has convinced me personally that the most important single factor in the cause of disease and in the resistance to disease is food. I have seen so many instances of the rapid and marked response to this form of treatment that nothing could make me believe this is not so.

      We have often seen most satisfactory results in the treatment of anemia, including pernicious anemia, on a milk diet. I have repeatedly seen a marked reduction in the size of simple and toxic thyroid, with improvement in the symptoms of the toxic one. In prostatic diseases and associated conditions, this treatment will achieve rapid and marked improvement in the infection and in the reduction of the gland and lessening of obstruction. A professor of surgery in one of our state universities once said to me, “Since I have used your method in preparing prostate cases, I have had most excellent results and no mortality.” I replied that if he had continued the treatment a little longer, he would not need to operate. All infections of the urinary tract are greatly improved by this treatment.

      An old friend of mine, a woodworker, aged 74, had a marked heart lesion and complete prostatic obstruction, so that it was necessary to use a permanent catheter. He had been taking digitalis but this was discontinued, and he received no medication of any kind. The prostate was very large and the residual urine very foul. His recovery has been rapid, and he has been able to work since that time and is now in very good health at 77 years of age. Another local man was treated six years ago for a severe chronic winter cough and prostatic disease, which necessitated his getting up many times at night. He volunteered the information a few days ago that he had no more trouble with any illness since that time.

      Indeed we had a number of patients who took the treatment for “beauty treatment.” The tissues become firmer and the general appearance is markedly improved.

      One patient with very advanced cardiac and nephritic disease lost over thirty pounds of edema in six weeks. One would expect the large quantities of fluid would increase the edema but the above experience has been repeated many times in lesser degrees.

      Hypertension responds with equal gratification. The blood pressure improves rapidly. I have never seen such rapid and lasting results by any other method. One of the patients lived almost exclusively on milk for more than three years.

      About ten years ago a very sick man came to the Sanitarium suffering from a severe cystitis and nephritis. He was a diabetic. As milk contains about five percent milk sugar, it was feared that he could not manage this amount of sugar. But he did manage it, and improved in every way and in eight weeks was sugar free. My experience with milk diet in diabetes has been limited, but very interesting. These few patients, only seven or eight, have been much pleased with the results. Insulin was used for a time in some of the cases. They all became sugar free, or nearly so, after from four to ten weeks. From the fact that these patients were able to use a much more liberal diet than diabetics usually can take [after the treatment], it would seem to indicate that at least a partial regeneration of the pancreas is not impossible.

      Recently I received a letter from a soldier who was confined in a government hospital in Arizona [for tuberculosis]. He said a former patient of mine had induced him to try this method. He said that he had done so well that a number of the men were also attempting it and he had written for more definite instructions. He also said that the patients had to buy their own milk and received no encouragement from the hospital authorities.

      There is a large class of patients who are ill but in whom no definite organic lesion can be found. These patients are often underweight. They may consume a fairly large amount of food but they do not gain in weight or strength. These patients do respond admirably to our system of large quantities of milk.

      The chief fault of the treatment is that it is too simple. Patients attempt to do it at home, but there are many pitfalls, and it does not appeal to the modern medical man.

      March 9th, 2013 7:41 pm Reply
  • Jan

    It’s nice following along with everyone! This is my second year, but I’m only on day one right now. I wanted to add that my grandmother, who was born in 1867 (she was 80 when I was born) was cured of TB by the Mayos with this very thing in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. I don’t know when it was, but my mother told me about it years ago.

    March 9th, 2013 12:32 pm Reply
  • Jamie

    Second day for me, and I am happy that I have had an easy time of it for the most part. I have experienced night sweats ( could be my age ) and a dull headache all day today. The not eating part hasn’t been a problem, in fact it is great not having to think about what to eat, or when!

    March 8th, 2013 9:26 pm Reply
  • SoCalGT

    Had wanted to participate but wouldn’t you know it we are getting shorted on raw milk right now!!! I’ll have to do it later on my own. Good luck everybody! Perhaps next year you will consider doing it a little later in the spring once most herds are out on grass so it’s more plentiful and grass fed?

    March 8th, 2013 6:47 pm Reply
  • elizabeth

    loving the pic!

    March 8th, 2013 4:08 pm Reply
  • Vicki Brooks

    Into my third day. Mostly I have felt just fine. Was briefly headachy yesterday a.m. and have been feeling cold, which usually is not a problem I have. I ate several ounces of raw cheese last night and took salts bath. Feel fine today. Real food IS tempting, but not having to cook and plan food is definite bonus and I have been early to work every day!

    March 8th, 2013 2:19 pm Reply
  • Elizabeth

    Yesterday was my first day of the fast. I felt great all day until late at night when I just wanted to chew…….gave in and had a few almonds and banana. But I am starting out fresh again today.
    I have been suffering bladder pain for the past few months and yesterday I had my best day in a long time. I will continue on this fast as long as I can because I think it is giving my body a chance to rest.

    March 8th, 2013 1:35 pm Reply
  • Sandi

    Hi Sarah
    Today on the Dr Oz show they will bring forth new findings that Milk causes Alzheimer’s
    What are your thoughts? I wrote that we drank raw milk and I did not hear back from them.
    It will be interesting to find if they are referring to pasteurized or milk in general

    March 8th, 2013 12:44 pm Reply
    • Josella

      Hi Sandi,
      Just my thoughts on Alzheimer’s. My mother had Alzheimer’s and lived until 93. She did not like milk and never drank any type of milk ever. ( She would not have had access to raw milk anyway.) I do have access to raw milk, and believe that it is absolutely healing.
      It sounds like maybe the Dr. Oz show is trying to demonize RAW milk, since the mainstream is trying to keep it from being available. All they would need to do is make up a story that there are harmful bacteria or strange bacteria in raw milk. It is sad that they could get away with this, since raw milk could sure help heal a lot of sick people.

      March 9th, 2013 12:31 am Reply
  • Linda

    Glad to see all the ones doing the fast and also the ones going to start! I am on day 3. This morning had pretty bad stomach pain with sweating…not sure what that was. I had some kind of flare up last week from eating canned sauerkraut…it has done that to me before. But other than that I feel good with a lot of energy. Not sure when I’ll stop. It’s so fun doing it with others and hearing for their experiences. Keep up the good work! Maybe Sarah and Paula and Richard will want to do it again soon. It’s really fun to be doing it ‘with them’ .:)

    March 8th, 2013 12:35 pm Reply
  • Naz

    After over a year of reading your blog Sarah, I have FINALLY decided to get me some raw milk! I have been umming and ahhing about the whole thing for a while but finally have decided to take the plunge and get some. I’m looking forward to tasting raw milk!


    March 8th, 2013 12:11 pm Reply
  • Liz

    I’m on day six and feeling perfect satiety-wise. I drink an average of 5 glasses (16ish oz. each) per day, and also am taking my FCLO. I injured my back a couple of weeks ago and have been on bed rest since Monday (day 2 of my fast). So being on a fast now has been sort of a blessing in disguise. I couldn’t sit up to eat if I wanted to, and can barely sit up long enough to drink my glass of milk before it becomes painful. So I’m taking it REALLY easy. =) Unfortunately, I can’t take the salts baths because I can’t get in and out of the tub, otherwise I’d be in there constantly! I did order some magnesium oil, though, as an alternative to prescription muscle relaxers, so we’ll see how that works once it comes in. The only problem I’m experiencing is constipation, but that might be related to the back injury, too, and not the milk. Who knows. =) But I’m extremely grateful for such a perfect food when the rest would probably just do me in.

    March 8th, 2013 12:06 pm Reply
  • Carey

    I love the camaraderie of doing this fast together! For my part, Day one has left me with no hunger and I feel more energetic…maybe my belly needed the rest! I drank about a half gallon of milk with some yogurt. I also have been using a bio-mat for the last 3 weeks which has allowed me to sleep deeper, so I feel that I’m getting the necessary rest. I also got a massage on Day one…oh so nice! Though I have a very busy schedule as an around the clock caregiver, I made it through the first day, but I was SO tired by nightfall. One interesting thing I noticed and am looking for insight is that my urine has turned a kind of neon green. Anyone else have this experience?

    March 8th, 2013 11:48 am Reply
  • Denise

    In reading about the Milk Cure, I have seen that nothing but cows milk is to be used. None of the clinics used raw goat’s milk. They say it is not what is needed to accomplish what the treatment does. Have oyu read the book, Sarah?

    March 8th, 2013 11:27 am Reply
  • Lindy Wilson via Facebook

    I wanted to do it but just bought lots of fresh produce so wanted to use that up then “clean house” so I wouldn’t be tempted and could stock up on milk. Hoping I can do it in like a week.

    March 8th, 2013 10:35 am Reply
  • Sarah Winson

    I started the milk fast today. This is my first time drinking raw milk EVER! I have Crohn’s Disease and my doctors have always warned me against raw milk. Over the past 2 months I have started implementing the GAPS, although I’m still not 100% there. I have always had gas with dairy so I’ve only been drinking Almond milk for the past several years. But the milk fast is so intriguing to me that I wanted to give it a try. So far the gas is nearly unbearable. I’m going to finish out the day then probably go back to the GAPS for a while longer. My body just doesn’t seem ready for dairy yet. I do believe that I will benefit from the nutrition at the least. I LOVE your blog btw! It has encouraged me to switch to “real” food and try to heal myself naturally and I am currently not taking any meds!!!

    March 8th, 2013 10:33 am Reply
  • Tina Kincaid via Facebook

    Oh man I wish I could do this. I’m a nursing mom though. Maybe if she weans next year I can try this out.

    March 8th, 2013 10:25 am Reply
  • Heather Johnson via Facebook

    I just finished my three day milk fast. It was a walk in the park. I feel great

    March 8th, 2013 9:44 am Reply
  • Holly Sullivan Musgrave via Facebook

    Ok, it is the beginning of day 3 and I feel like I am just getting started! I have dropped another 1.2 lbs and feel great. I think all of my detox is happening at night because the last 2 nights I have been sweating like crazy while I sleep. I did have a bit of a headache after my husband gave me a back rub last night, but I feel great this morning. I think I will for sure continue until at least Sunday night….maybe even Monday. We’ll see. Happy drinking!

    March 8th, 2013 9:36 am Reply
    • Jamie

      Funny- I woke up sweaty, but I thought I was maybe having night sweats related to peri- pausal. I was also wondering if women might be affected hormonally by drinking so much raw milk.

      March 8th, 2013 9:09 pm Reply
  • clara

    Hi Sarah,
    Can you do this any time of year? I’m in Australia and its still pretty hot at the moment. Is Spring the time to do it or does it not matter?

    March 8th, 2013 1:23 am Reply
    • Vikki K

      Hi Clara, I did it in Australia last year with no problems at all. Actually possibly better in Aus because the cows get the good grass most of the year!

      March 8th, 2013 1:28 pm Reply
  • Robyn Kucinic via Facebook

    I am waiting to hear back from my farmer, not sure if the cows are on grass 100% here quite yet, but should be starting this soon! This will be my first raw milk fast, first health fast ever actually, so not sure what to expect or what to feel as far as detox yuckiness? Can anyone give me any ideas? I have no health issues and am at a good weight, just want to try this to see what I feel like when I am done? Looking for more energy I guess. Thanks!

    March 7th, 2013 11:29 pm Reply
  • Vanessa

    Ever since I saw how you did the raw milk fast in previous years I have wanted to join in! Now I get to. It’s the perfect time of year to do it because our goats have recently kidded and I have oodles of fresh raw goat milk on hand. Today was my first day and I am sure I didn’t drink enough. I drank two cups for breakfast then forgot about being hungry till almost lunch time. Then I had a glass at lunch. My sister decided to make bread today and I really missed that fresh-from-the-oven slice of bread slathered in goat butter. Oh well. I found that I became tired and emotional in the afternoon because I would forget to drink. But whenever I felt that way I noticed as soon as I drank more milk my energy perked up and my emotions evened out quite a bit. I am not super hungry but I still feel like I really want to eat something. I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow.

    March 7th, 2013 11:20 pm Reply
  • DD

    This is my first year and I just plan to go three days with you all, but I’m open to keeping it up depending on what effects I see. Yesterday, Day 1, I planned to drink one cup of milk every hour to stay ahead of hunger. I drank at that pace until early afternoon when I started keeping my glass full and by my side constantly. I didnt think I was exactly hungry, but was feeling compulsive about eating. I blew it in the evening at a social event. So my diary for the day is approximately 3/4 gallon of raw Jersey milk and 4 jalapeños stuffed with a cheese filling. :(

    March 7th, 2013 10:45 pm Reply
  • Holly Sullivan Musgrave via Facebook

    I had a fabulous day 1. Lost 2.1 lbs and feel amazing…here at almost the end of day 2. I am doing it just a little different than everyone else, but this is what works for me. Yesterday I drank 80 oz of raw milk and 20 oz or fresh fruit/vegetable juice and 2 glasses of detox tea mixed with raw milk. Drinking only raw milk gives me the worst taste in my mouth, especially in the morning, but I am not hungry at all. Juicing makes me feel great and I have no bad breath, but I get hungry. This year I have combined the 2 and am finding immense amounts of energy, Zero feelings of hunger and I don’t have a nasty taste in my mouth, even in the morning. My juice consists of apple, cucumber, lemon, butternut squash, beets, ginger, parsley, cilantro and some greens….Kale and spinach.

    March 7th, 2013 10:25 pm Reply
  • Muah

    I’m so jealous!!! All mine just went sour!!! DX

    March 7th, 2013 7:55 pm Reply
  • thehealthyhomeeconomist via Facebook

    Rachel Greenfield glad to hear you’re better now :)

    March 7th, 2013 7:41 pm Reply
  • Vikki K

    I was quite hungry yesterday but kept busy, and it didn’t bother me, drank about 8 cups of raw kefir with added cream. Woke up this morning thirsty, and thought I should have drunk a little more water. Today I’ve felt hungry again, but I think it’s just cravings as I have plenty of energy. It could also be the cold weather still telling my body to bulk up! Looking forward to a salt bath tonight.

    March 7th, 2013 7:15 pm Reply
  • Rachel Greenfield via Facebook

    Sorry, can’t join you. I just went on a week long unintentional fast (the Flu) where I ate nothing but orange juice, lime soda, and a couple of rice crackers. I was just too exhausted and fevered to eat. I lost more than 3 lbs and am ecstatic to have an appetite for food again.

    March 7th, 2013 7:09 pm Reply
  • Cristin Hickman Ledbetter via Facebook

    I tried but was so ravenously hungry by dinner, I had to give up!! Will try again next year…

    March 7th, 2013 7:07 pm Reply
  • Sierra

    Halfway through day 2 and I feel perfectly satisfied satiety wise. I’ve had about a cup and a half every two hours. My regular diet is very healthy, so I do feel a bit deprived of all the variety I usually get, but my digestion feels great. I feel very light and energetic. I think this cleanse is a good reset button for my portion sizes and any emotional attachment to food.

    March 7th, 2013 6:25 pm Reply
  • Lourdes Izquierdo-Macdonald via Facebook

    I wish I could get my hands on some raw milk.

    March 7th, 2013 6:10 pm Reply
  • Jane Cranor via Facebook

    When I did this, it wasn’t so much being hungry but wanting to chew. But after a few days that went away.

    March 7th, 2013 5:50 pm Reply
  • Jennifer Cosper Howard via Facebook

    I’ve been wanting to do the milk fast since I read your posts last year! I just looked at your blog to see when you’re starting this year. :) I’m in! I’m going to the dairy tomorrow! I think I’m going to do at least 10 days!

    March 7th, 2013 5:42 pm Reply
  • Donna Grady via Facebook

    Started today. A little hungry but not bad. Doing great. :)

    March 7th, 2013 5:22 pm Reply
  • Leah

    I started the cleanse yesterday and I was like Sarah, I just wanted FOOD! Even though I didn’t feel hungry per se, I couldn’t shake the desire for something solid. I drank about a half gallon of raw milk, had two glasses of herbal tea, milk thistle and chamomile, and a small serving of raw drinkable yogurt. Today I feel somewhat less gripped by the wish for something solid, but It’s not gone completely. I don’t think I had enough sleep last night, and I did a relatively robust weight workout yesterday, so I’m a bit tired and have a headache, but I think more milk today and sleep tonight might help with those feelings. Looking forward to how this turns out.

    March 7th, 2013 4:58 pm Reply
  • Tim-Micki Schmidt via Facebook

    I am researching now about a milk fast and cleaning the liver, auto-immune disorders, etc… If I do it, I’m going to start on Monday. We have a potluck this weekend that I think might prove to hard to resist, esp. on day 3 :). I have systemic lupus, so I will be monitoring carefully to make sure that I don’t “hurt” myself. I have had a couple of l indicators that I am having issues with my liver, kidney, spleen, so I am wanting to focus more treatment in that area.

    March 7th, 2013 4:52 pm Reply
  • Christianna

    I’m on day 4 already (I thought we were starting on Monday), and I’m surprised how little I have needed to drink to stay satisfied! I have not been depriving myself at all, but would also be pleasantly surprised if I lost a few pounds by the end. Looking forward to what the next 6 days brings!

    March 7th, 2013 4:40 pm Reply
  • Christi Markee via Facebook

    So jealous, I did this last year for the full 10 days! Just found out I’m allergic to dairy so….won’t be able to do it again.

    March 7th, 2013 4:37 pm Reply
  • Esther Aust via Facebook

    Will be doing this later in the spring when our grass turns 😉

    March 7th, 2013 4:29 pm Reply
  • Sarah

    It is so interesting to hear how each one reacts differently to the fast! I fasted on raw guernsey/jersey milk ( from my grass fed cow Lily) last year for 5 days. The first day I was not at home and didn’t drink enough milk so my blood sugar was getting pretty low by late afternoon. When I arrived home I ate a bowl of raw yoghurt whith some added cream and immediately I felt super energetic! Over the course of the fast I drank about 8 cups of milk a day and felt I had more energy than normal. It’s amazing I only needed that much milk. I don’t count calories but I think I would be really hungry if I ate only 1200 calories a day normally. One good thing about a mono diet like the milk fast though is that you are never tempted to overeat! Thanks for the diary I really enjoyed the picture! LOL(:

    March 7th, 2013 4:29 pm Reply
  • Nicki Morin Black via Facebook

    Wish there was availability in our area. Earth Fare carried it for a blip in time, then stopped.

    March 7th, 2013 4:23 pm Reply
  • Clarissa Mc Kenzie via Facebook

    If I could find raw ( I eat raw) milk, I would be there.

    March 7th, 2013 4:20 pm Reply
    • Diane

      Me, too. And I could really use to lose a few pounds!! (like 150?)

      March 8th, 2013 11:36 am Reply
  • Kerry-Anne Love via Facebook

    Kelly Coleman xx

    March 7th, 2013 4:19 pm Reply

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