Stop Sinus Problems Fast with This Easy Tip

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist December 21, 2013

Prevent sinus infections with one easy tip

When on vacation or traveling during the holidays, many of us eat in such a way that we would not normally eat at home.

Hey, I understand. You just can’t help that Aunt Martha uses evaporated milk for her pumpkin pie and canned gravy for the turkey.  I get it!

When your eating/sleeping schedule gets mangled due to travel plans, sinus problems – paincongestion, or worse, a sinus infection can quickly crop up and cause discomfort and misery especially if flying is part of the itinerary.

Here’s a very easy way to keep those sinus problems at bay with you breathing freely and clear during these times of stress and off the wagon eating.


Prevent Sinus Problems with this Easy Tip

Most folks don’t realize that beneficial flora, also known as good bacteria, seek to dominate and protect every tissue of your body, not just your gut!  There are plenty of beneficial bacteria in your mouth, throat, nasal passages and ears too.

When you get a sinus infection, the balance of good bacteria to bad (pathogenic) bacteria – including candida – becomes imbalanced with the baddies taking over with lots of mucus and possibly even an infection the result.

To prevent this from happening, after brushing/flossing your teeth at night before you go to bed, empty a probiotic capsule into your mouth, swish it around in your mouth, and swallow.   It is very important to not drink anything – even water – after you do this.

Enough probiotic residue will be left in your mouth after swallowing and these good little critters will migrate while you sleep all through your nasal passages, guarding the roost and helping to make sure no pathogens have an opportunity to take over and start plugging up the works.

Where to Get Therapeutic Grade Probiotics for Sinus Problems

Be aware that not all probiotics are of the same quality and hence will not have equal effectiveness in preventing sinus problems. If a probiotic needs refrigeration, for example, don’t buy it.  Probiotic cultures should be hardy enough to be shelf stable with no refrigeration necessary.  A wide variety of strains should also be contained.

To locate a quality and therapeutic strength probiotic that will actually work for you, check my resources page, which links to sources for the therapeutic strength probiotic I have personally used for years and have found very effective.

Already Have a Sinus Infection?

Use a ceramic neti pot (I like this one) plus your probiotic of choice to help clear up an existing sinus infection fast with no antibiotics. Click here for a detailed how-to.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia, by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD

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  1. What about oil pulling? I’ve heard it works well on the sinuses too. Do you have any thoughts about it? I am swishing right now, and I wonder if its for any good….?

  2. Great tip, Sarah! This method is one that has worked so well for our family. In addition to switching to a real food diet, adding FCLO/BO to our diet and getting aggressive with probiotics is what saved my kids tonsils from tonsillectomies due to chronic strep infections. We emptied Bio-Kult onto their tongues after meals and before bed. Now, if they start getting a little cold or sore throat, we put some Bio-Kult on their tongue before bed and it goes away very quickly. Amazing stuff!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Sarah, my son (27mos.) is going through this right now. I switched to raw milk about a month ago and since then he had about two episodes of cold with lots a mucus, maybe a cleansing reaction? He also has two molars coming out, maybe that’s is definitely producing some discomfort for him, not so sure. He’s a very healthy boy, not allergies so far or any other concerns. Now, I would love to give him some of this BioKult, but it says it contains soy trace amounts, is it safe to use them? Also, Is Biokult OK for 2 years old kids? Baby Biotic brand states it is for infants until 2 years old. Any suggestions?
    Love your blog, and my family is starting the healthy path thanks to your posts!

    • Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist

      Molars coming out can sometimes induce some inflammation/infection in the ears/sinuses. It can also cause a fever .. although most pediatricians say teething/fevers aren’t related. YEAH RIGHT! TELL ME ANOTHER WHOPPER DOC!

      I’ve not noticed that BioKult says trace amounts of soy. Perhaps it is bottled in a factory where they also do something with soy? I use Biokult with my kids even when my youngest was quite young and feel very comfortable with that choice. We have found it to be very beneficial over the years.
      Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist\’s last post: Discourage Holiday Sinus Problems With This Easy Tip

  4. Hi Sarah,

    My daughter is almost nine months and she has gut problems since birth. I put her on the Gaps diet and bought the Baby Biotic because of the suggestion of Dr. Campbell- McBride. It needs refrigeration and I didn’t work for my daughter like other brands did. It seems dead to me. It is recommended from same Doctor but this is not as good as biocult! That was a total disappointment to me:( If you have any other baby probiotic suggestion, I would appreciate.

    I have been using True Balance for Kids because I am nursing, I couldn’t use the regular strength. I just love it! It is a throat specific probiotic that helps with ear,throat infenction and sinus. After using it, I started to clean my bowels a lot and my terrible sinus seemed to fade away. I truly recommend it.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Thanks for this tip–haven’t tried probiotics yet, but am learning more (from you and others) about beneficial bacteria. I used to get terrible sinus infection everytime there was a hint of common cold, but cut out grain, soy, and sugar about 8 months ago, and started feeling fantastic. As an experiment, eliminated dairy and after a couple weeks experienced a (ick!) huge amount of mucus draining from my nose and coughing up phlegm (Yissell take note?) that lasted about 10 days. For the first time in my life I could breathe in a manner that felt like it was from the bottom of my lungs (even using neti pot, or when I used to run half-marathons hacking up gunk, could never get a deep breath; have never smoked!). I don’t know what it is in dairy, the sugar or protein, but It’s gone from my diet now. Would probiotics enable me to have yogurt or kefir from time to time … something to try out, right? Everyone’s body reacts differently.

    • similar to my husband- except his was one nostril was perpetually plugged. he thought it was just the way he was. he stopped drinking milk & it cleared. now, he still doesn’t drink milk but if has dairy (cheese, etc.) he always takes a lactose enzyme (aka lactaid) & he is fine. you could be sensitive to the lactose i would guess? I believe that if you’re making your own yogurt & letting it culture for a full 24 hours that would remove most of the lactose. You could also try raw milk, or goat’s milk (raw) to see how your body handles it. Some people are able to handle dairy when they take extra probiotics along with it also, I have heard. My 2 cents. :)
      lisa\’s last post: The Granola Bar That Will Have You Leave Candy Crying at the Altar…

  6. hmmm. This is very interesting. When I’m not traveling, would taking a tbls of liquid homemade whey and swishing it around before bedtime be just as good? I usually spray Zicam in my mouth at the first sign of a cold but I’d much prefer this. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. wow, very interesting! will have to try this as i often have plugged sinuses, so much so that i don’t even notice it anymore.

  8. Edwin Fuhrmann via Facebook November 24, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    As I read your email about this post, I noted that the automatically-inserted Google ad underneath the teaser was promoting Flu-shots at our local Jewel-Osco pharmacy! :)

  9. I should try this because I often have a plugged nose at night and have to breath through my nose, which I no is really bad for you. I have never had a sinus infection though, thank god.

  10. Shelf-stable…? So then Klaire Labs and Udo’s are a poor quality? In my health food store, BioKult is also refrigerated. Help! More info, please!

  11. Hey Sarah,

    In another blog regarding allergies you wrote:
    “Exclusive eating requires a constant demand for the same types of digestive enzymes over and over which eventually leads to digestive exhaustion, food addictions, and biochemical disruptions.”

    I find that since I’ve been learning I eat a lot of the same food, pastured meats & eggs, butter, fermented foods etc.. the variety isn’t necessarily there anymore, is this something to be concerned about with the above statement?

    Happy thanksgiving :) even though I’m in Australia!

  12. Sarah, I am still on a cloud from the Weston Price conference! As a healthcare professional, I have been to a LOT of conferences/seminars and I have NEVER gotten such an incredibly eye-opening quality and amount of information, in my LIFE! I am so grateful that you helped so many of us know about it and get there! (Also, Kathy at Weston Price was SUPER helpful!) Anyway, this info on the probiotics is so needed for folks like me, who are trying to unlearn the “medical routine” of fighting off disease. My daughter just got over a possible strep infection, and I fought like crazy not to take her to the doctor, but after 4 days, family pressure forced me to.. It has been a learning experience, as the doctor said that apparently I was doing everything right, except I needed an antibiotic! Came home, went to your blog and voila! There was the article on strep! My courage is increasing daily! I am sad that most of my peers won’t even let me discuss an alternative; it is as if they think that is disloyal? Nothing ever changes, if you can’t let your mind look at the possibilities?! Anyway, I appreciate you!!! Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with sweet memories!

  13. Hi Sarah,

    Do you know if the chewy tube is truly safe for infants to chew on? It says that it is free of many things and FDA approved (not that I put one iota of trust into that approval!). I have a soon to be teething little one! Thank you, Sarah

  14. I have the capsule ready for my husband tonight and explained what he needed to do before bed. He responded, “Why can’t I just snort it?” I didn’t have a decent reply except: “Why would you want to?”

    I guess he could be asking to snort worse stuff.

  15. Hi Sarah,
    What about Garden of Life Primal Defense? This is the probiotic that Nourishing Traditions recommends (at lease in the edition that I have). And they have 5 billion CFU per capsule, whereas Biokult has only 2 billion CFU per capsule. Primal Defense also consists of all the strains that are recommended by Dr. Campbell. I just think it’s more economical overall.

    I am also considering MegaFlora from Megafood. It claims to have 20 billion CFU per capsule (sounds a bit over the top), but it doesn’t have all the strains required by Dr. Campbell. Yet, the good thing is it doesn’t contain maltodextrin — an additive that both Biokult and Primal Defense have.


  16. Hello Sarah,
    I read on your web site where you wrote about how to check our fingers and look for lines on them and what to do about the condition because our fingers should be smooth. This was a few weeks ago and now, when I look in this websites’ archives I cannot find it. Please direct me where to find it under what title?
    thank you,

  17. Thanks Sarah – Though spending time with my nieces and nephew is always the best, I returned yesterday feeling a cold coming on, so this was a very timely post. I did this protocol last night and the cough I had is much improved and I can breathe a lot better.

    Hoping to nip this cold in the bud. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

  18. Perfect! My husband and I both started feeling some sinus pressure coming on and I woke up with a sore throat so we will definitely be trying this tonight. Something else I have noticed that is helpful with sinus infections is to up our dose of FCLO from 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp every day until it’s gone. It seems to make it go away more quickly.

  19. I take the Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra, daily. This morning at 3am I woke up with the beginnings of a sore throat/sinus, so I thought I’d try this tip. Um… I don’t know if it’s the grittiness of the Primal Defense (Homeostatic Soil Organisms) or my annoyingly overreactive gag reflex, but I ended up throwing up! Ack! I guess I’ll just have to keep on taking it the normal way & stay on top of my sinus rinsing. (And lots of coconut oil, homemade broth, and fermented limeade – made with blackstrap molasses – I already fought one bug off this season with this regimen!)
    A friend tried it & said it wasn’t bad, but he’s using a lower-end probiotic that was the best he could find at his local drugstore.
    Gigi\’s last post: Tweets from Weston A Price Conference 2011 (#wapfconf)

  20. I had surgery on my nose as I suffered quite badly with sinus problems; I know there are other methods but surgery is permanent and the most effective.

  21. Can you post another resource for BioKult? Radiant Life doesn’t seem to carry it. I ordered it from Amazon several months ago and it never arrived (it was coming from the UK which I didn’t realize and got lost in the mail.

  22. Shane Ellison of The People’s Chemist, who is a biochemist and actually makes supplements and used to make drugs for Eli Lilly loves a probiotic that needs to be refrigerated. It’s from Blue Rock Holistics and is called Super Shield.

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  24. Marz Miller via Facebook December 22, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    I would like to have some insight on how to get rid of a perpetual sinus infection. Any thoughts or comments??

  25. Pingback: ProBio 5 is an amazing probiotic by Plexus. Do you suffer from sinus infections? | lynneallenpinkdrink

  26. I was looking at the probiotic I take and it has 70 billion bacteria in every 2 capsule serving.

    When I looked at Bio-Kult, it said: There is a minimum of 10 billion grams of probiotic microorganisms per one gram.

    It looks like serving size would be less than that, then?

    Just trying to figure this out…thank you~!

  27. I bought the BioCult from your shopping page. Tossed some of them in my luggage and had a wicked cold come on me on the plane. I got checked in pulled the capsule apart and snorted it as best I could twice a day on day 3 I was fine. Thanks for the advice!!

  28. People could easily make kefir, kombucha, yogurt, or some other easy fermented foods at home for next to nothing and they resultant bacterial cultures are far superior to what you can purchase in the store. Basic “mother” cultures are usually purchased for under $20 and last a lifetime!

    Long Live Probiotics!! YAY

    Thanks for a great article.

    Kefir Nurse
    Kefir Nurse\’s last post: Water Kefir Basic Recipe

  29. I really enjoyed your advice regarding probiotics and sinusitis.
    I have another way of successfully treating sinusitis – especially chronic sinusitis.
    After reading about the research on sinusitis and Lactobacillus sakei, I figured out that it is in (most) vegan kimchi and started applying it in my nostrils. It worked like a miracle! For over a year my family has been doing this as needed and so been off all antibiotics (we all suffered from chronic sinusitis for years).
    I actually started a blog: to describe what we did (click onto the Sinusitis Treatment link).

  30. I bought some Bio Kult and put it in a neti pot for my daughter who is stuffy a lot , especially in the morning. Normally she uses a neti pot with no trouble, but she cried in pain with the Bio Kult in the pot. Should it be painful to use it in a neti pot? I tried adding more water but she said that made it worse. Is there something that can be added to reduce the pain? I add baking soda when I make my neti salt but I don’t want to do anything that would harm the bacteria in Bio Kult. Thanks! .


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