Herbal Bitters: Invaluable Aid to Fat Digestion

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Need help transitioning off a lowfat diet until your body adjusts to digesting healthy fats again? Herbal bitters can help!

People transitioning from a lowfat to a Traditional Diet rich in whole, natural fats like cream, butter, and coconut oil are sometimes shocked to discover that their bodies no longer seem able to digest fats very well at all.

Eating fats might even make them feel sick to their stomach!

The cause is a liver and gallbladder that are not accustomed to producing and storing the amount of bile necessary to digest the level of fats present in a Traditional Diet.

The solution is not to go back to a lowfat diet even for those who have had their gallbladders removed.

In many cases, a slow and steady increase in the amount of fats consumed will over time allow the liver and gallbladder to adjust with no further problems noted.

This approach works particularly well for those who are consuming coconut oil as a supplement prior to meals to suppress appetite and help them lose weight.

Another tip is to employ a most ancient remedy that modern science has all but forgotten:  Herbal Bitters.

Herbal Bitters Stimulate Bile Production

Herbal bitters are extracts of medicinal plants that are rich in minerals.  In fact, herbal bitters are an ancient tonic for stimulating the production of bile in the liver which correspondingly improves the digestion and absorption of fats.

It is critical that sufficient bile be produced to digest the fats present in the diet as bile also permits assimilation of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K which are critical to health as noted by researcher Dr. Weston A. Price.   These activators also supercharge mineral absorption.

Even those who have had their gallbladders removed find herbal bitters a welcome aid to a meal rich in fats and many are delighted to find that fats can once again be consumed with ease.

Traditional Asian cultures have long valued herbal bitters not only for their digestive benefit but also for cleansing properties as well which promote increased strength and healing.

Most healthfood stores have herbal bitters available for purchase at very reasonable prices.  

* Please note that most herbal bitters are not appropriate for pregnancy. However, this particular herbal bitters formulation made with chamomile is safe to use for occasional nausea, bloating and heartburn issues that may occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If Herbal Bitters Don’t Work, Gallbladder Cleanse May Be Needed

If despite your best efforts using herbal bitters, you still have a problem digesting fats, you may wish to consider a liver and gallbladder cleanse as there may be gall or liver stones inhibiting the bile flow process in your body.

Click here for the protocol on how to flush stones and potentially avoid gallbladder surgery with a simple, at home gallbladder cleanse.

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