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When I set a goal just about a year ago to do something beyond just occasional writing with The Healthy Home Economist blog, I had not a clue what I was in for (and I really mean it when I say, “not a clue”).    This past year has brought into my life so many new friendships and greatly deepened existing ones.    At times, I’ve gotten so far outside of the box that I questioned whether a box even existed!

My quest to stay outside the box of conventional thought on health and wellness explains my stupefaction and occasional crankiness with readers who ask hostile questions from wayyyyy inside that box (and who seem to have no desire whatsoever to ever get out)!

One can’t be expected to have the patience of Mother Teresa every single day, right?

Such is this adventure called blogging.   It takes you where you never dreamed you would ever go!    For these amazing experiences, I am incredibly thankful.

As 2011 dawns, I am very excited about the many new experiences that blogging promises to continue to bring our way!

Of course, none of this would be possible or even worth it without you, dear readers, as well as my fellow blogging pals.

With that, here are The Healthy Home Economist top ten posts for this past year along with the top ten blogs that sent new readers my way (and hopefully I sent a few their way as well!):

10.  No Grain Pizza Crust (This recipe gets the most repeat visitors .. probably from Moms like me who make pizza about once a week and can never seem to remember the recipe!)

9.    Headaches?  A Most Likely Cause (Hopefully this post helped a few folks ditch the meds for good.)

8.    Antifreeze in Your Ice Cream (I remember being shocked at learning this for the first time back in 2002.   Such a nasty little secret that the ice cream manufacturers will do anything to hide from consumers.)

7.    Think Raw Veggies Are Best?   Think Again (This post really got the green smoothie aficionados all riled up.)

6.    Veganism Almost Killed Angelina Jolie (This was a shocker .. I only wrote this post 2 weeks ago.)

5.    The Right Way to Feed Babies (This post by far sent the most positive emails my way .. . from Moms having an “aha” moment!)

4.     How to Make Sprouted Flour (This is one of my very early posts but it still gets quite a few visitors every month.)

2.     Five Fats You MUST Have in Your Kitchen (This is the post I send folks to who are examining the Real Food Lifestyle for the very first time.)

And, with a whopping 2,278 Facebook shares, the #1 Healthy Home Economist post for 2010 is:

1.     Why Skim Milk Will Make You Fat

Thank You To My Blogging Peeps

What would blog posts be without folks to read them?    Just words on a screen!

Thanks to my blogging friends who sent a lot of new readers my way this past year.    Linking up blog posts with each of you is an absolute privilege.  There is no doubt that by working together we are INDEED making a difference!

10. (Kimberly is responsible for unleashing my blogging creativity late last year when I posted my very first guest blog for her.    Kimberly, thank you for taking a chance on me!)

9. (Kate also just might be the top commenter on my blog this past year!   Thanks Kate for sharing your wisdom!)

8. (I was thrilled when some primal folks started dropping by courtesy of Mark’s awesome blog)

7. (My good friend Stanley is the author of this sensational blog.  He also writes the most thought provoking comments on some of my most controversial posts.   Thanks for watching my back Stanley!)

6. (I did my very first guest videoblog for Katie this past July!   What fun!!)

5. (what can I say about Ann Marie of Cheeseslave?   Mentor, trailblazer, the brains behind Real Food Media!   The girl is making waves everywhere!)

4. (it was such fun to participate in the Natural News video recipe contest back in October!   I earned $500 for the WAPF by taking home first prize!     Thanks to all of you for your support in that crazy project that seemed to never end!)

3. (Kristen’s Fight Back Friday blog carnival is one of my very favorites to participate in each week.)

2. (Kimi’s Pennywise Platter Thursday blog carnival is another fave.)

1. (Kelly, my good friend and the one that never fails to make me smile and laugh.   You are the BEST girlfriend!)

Happy New Year Everyone!

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