The Healthy Home Economist Top Ten for 2011

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A lot of posts got published on this blog in 2011.   Somewhere around 350 at last count!

With the average post clocking in at about 750 words, that’s a total of approximately 262,500 written words in less than 12 months!

This doesn’t even count all the videos (21) that were filmed and posted in 2011 as well!

So which posts proved to be the most popular for the close to half a million absolute unique visitors that visited this blog in 2011?

Here they are ranked by traffic in reverse order.  Is one of your favorites on this list?

10.)  There is Nothing Smart About Smart Balance.  This post also ranks toward the top in the amount of fun I had actually writing it.  I love the picture with the post too!   What I love most about this post, though, is that it ranks just above or sometimes just below the company that makes smart balance when you do a google search for the words “smart balance” and “smart balance ingredients”!   Both sides of the story supplied to potential new smart balance customers doing their research courtesy of google!

9.)   How the Pill Can Harm Your Future Child’s Health.   This post is one of my personal favorites too.  I despise the contraceptive pill because it so frequently causes so many long term health problems for not only the women who take them but also their future children.  The docs never say anything about this when they so casually write that prescription do they?

8.)   6 Little Known Signs of Adrenal Fatigue.   Most people have some level of adrenal fatigue these days and the early and subtle signs usually go unnoticed!

7.)   Top Five Foods to Never Buy at the Healthfood Store.  This post sure brought out the people with celiac disease some of whom were really angry at me for writing what I did in this post.  The truth is that celiac disease can be healed just like any other autoimmune disease!   It is not the lifelong genetic curse that conventional medicine makes people believe.

6.)   Think Raw Veggies are Best?  Think Again.   A lot of green smoothie aficionados hated this post!

5.)  Why Skim Milk Will Make You Fat.   This post was actually the #1 post for 2010.  This very popular and enduring post just keeps right on truckin’ informing folks why those that avoid fat are usually the ones who get fat!

4.)  Five Fats You MUST Have in Your Kitchen.  This is the most important beginner post on this blog.   Many who come to the blog for the first time find this post to be the most helpful when starting their journey back to traditional eating.

2.)  Slay the Sugar Monster in Four Doable Steps.  The picture on this post is my all time favorite!   Love the sprinkles on the lips look!

And, the #1 post for this blog in 2011 by a country mile is:

1.)  How I Healed My Child’s Cavity.  This post is also the most commented post on this blog (321) which is no surprise given the controversy it generated in the dental community with all manner of “you know nothing, you’re just a Mom” types of comments from dentists who feel very much overly endowed in the intellectual department.  I guess you need a DDS after your name to be able to see a hole in a tooth one day and observe that it’s gone a few weeks later.

My Personal Top Three

Now, I will rank my personal top three posts for 2011 based on how much fun I had writing them!  I obviously love to write, else I wouldn’t be blogging.  But, some posts are more fun to write than others and some are so downright hilarious that I’m literally laughing my way through the entire post!

I write at the dining room table in the middle of the commotion of the family room (yes, I know I’m nuts) so many times my kids will say, “Mom, what’s so funny?” as I’m writing a particularly amusing section of a post.  I know not everyone shares my sense of humor, but keeping it fun is part of what keeps me blogging so thank you for indulging me!

3.)   The Lunacy of the American Lawn.    I chuckled my way through this entire post.  Can you relate?

2.)  Trust People Not Brands.  I woke up in the middle of the night with the idea for this post (this happens quite a lot strangely enough). I think the premise of this post is a big reason why the Western World is in such a big mess with the health of so many sacrificed needlessly to the Corporate Food Lords.  The power of the personal relationship is the critical missing link in our culture’s procurement of food.  Until this returns with full force in a major way, health will continue to be an elusive goal for many.

1.)  Health Lessons Learned in a Buddhist Monastery.   I enjoyed writing this post so much as it brought back so many fond memories from my travels through Asia back in the late 1980’s.   I also got to dig out my old photo albums to find the right picture for this post which is so serene and amazing, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you have a favorite post that is not listed here?  What is it?  I would like to know!

Happy New Year everyone!

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