lassi yogurt drinkMy approach to food shopping with my children is essentially to let them put anything in the cart as long as it’s healthy. The positive side of this approach is that it encourages creativity and trying new and unusual foods. It also focuses the attention on saying “yes” to nutritious foods instead of a repetitive “no”

wild rice milk in a glass One of the biggest problems with rice milk as a milk substitute is that it is basically a glassful of carbs. There is little to no redeeming nutritional value including a hugely imbalanced macronutrient profile. This means that there is no fat and little protein to balance out the high carbohydrate content.

green tea powder benefits plus a warningAn ancient beverage made with green tea powder is rapidly making inroads within the coffee community. Called matcha in trendy circles, this new “it” beverage is made by sifting a small amount of specially made green tea powder into a cup and then whisking with hot water. Smaller amounts of water can be used to make stronger matcha shots.

homemade electrolyte replacementA basic skill any health conscious parent needs to know today is how to make an electrolyte replacement when needed. I’ve written before about Switchel, which is a traditional thirst quencher and dehydration prevention drink. But, some people don’t care too much for the flavor of the drink which has water and small amounts of apple cider vinegar as the base.

dandelion coffee mugOne of my favorite hot drinks especially in the morning is dandelion coffee.

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy this rich, delicious beverage as dandelions are springing up everywhere. You probably picked at least one as a child, blew on the feathery white seed head with all your might, and perhaps made a wish!

white hot chocolateWhite hot chocolate is the perfect beverage for those who love regular hot chocolate but wish to avoid the caffeine hit. Containing no cocoa solids, white chocolate is the primary ingredient of this hot beverage. This makes it naturally caffeine free unlike more commonly enjoyed versions made with milk or dark chocolate.

The only part of the cocoa bean used in the making of white chocolate is cocoa butter.

switchelSwitchel, also called Haymakers Punch, is a refreshing drink that originated in the Caribbean. It is a tasty, slightly effervescent beverage made of water mixed with vinegar, sweetened with molasses, and sometimes lightly flavored with ginger. Honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup are also used in various locally adapted versions.

Switchel made its way from the islands to the American colonies becoming a popular summertime drink by the late 1600’s.