Podcast with Kelly The Kitchen Kop

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I did a poll on the blog a few months back and learned that over a quarter of Healthy Home Economist readers have less than 2 years experience cooking and eating Real Food.    As a result, I thought it would be of benefit for me to interview Kelly the Kitchen Kop about her new E-Course “Real Food for Rookies“.

I had the opportunity to chat with Kelly about this exciting new class on Monday night and have created a podcast of the conversation so that everyone can listen in!    Feel free to download the MP3 file to your IPod or MP3 player to conveniently listen while you go for a walk or are just chilled out on the couch for a few minutes.

To view the full syllabus of the 12 week, self paced class and learn more about how to sign up (enrollment closes September 5, 2010), click here.

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