Hey, Chicken Nugget Fans, Get a Load of This!

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pink slime
A concerned reader sent me a link to an article today that absolutely grossed me out and I thought I had seen it all where processed factory food is concerned.

Advanced Meat Recovery. AKA “Pink Slime”

This picture is of mechanically separated chicken meat, also called Advanced Meat Recovery (yes, you read that right) before it is made into chicken nuggets, bologna, hot dogs, salami – uh, shall I continue?  Companies that produce processed food with this nauseating ingredient try very hard not to let photos like this get out to the public for obvious reasons.

According to Fooducate, this chicken paste is the result of cleaning every bit of meat off the chicken bones by passing it through a high-pressure sieve.    It tastes horrible, so artificial flavors like MSG and many other additives must be mixed in to make it palatable.   The color is very odd and unappetizing requiring the cover of artificial colors.   It is covered in bacteria, so the paste must be soaked in ammonia to degerm it (see comment below from Stanley Fishman Esq. discrediting denials of this from Snopes).

Anyone up for the fast food drive-through?

Seeing a photo like this, I am so grateful for my local poultry farm!  The chickens are happy, run free, and are fed GMO-free grain to supplement their natural foraging diet.

Do you have one yet?  What are you waiting for?

What Restaurants Use Pink Slime?

It’s not just fast food joints that prefer to use this food-like substance.

It seems that Subway chicken sandwiches may be channeling pink slime too according to a report which conducted tests on the chains “oven roasted” chicken sandwiches and strips.

Believe it or not, they tested less than 50% actual meat according to CBC Marketplace.


(1) PHOTO: Pre-Chicken Nugget Meat Paste, AKA Mechanically Separated Poultry

(2) Guess What’s in the Picture? (Foodlike Substance)

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