Eczema Treatment: Avoiding the Drug-Based Domino Effect

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By Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)

While many of us know eczema to be a condition of inflamed and irritated skin, if you or your child actually suffers from eczema, you know how burdensome and afflictive this pathology can be.

I understand. As a child I was burdened with this “hell on earth”—as I was covered with it from head to toe. 

But oh! How I wished I had left it alone.

What? Leave this distressing condition alone with no eczema treatment whatsoever?

Let me explain.

In its very first paragraph explaining eczema, WebMD describes that people with eczema have “inherited [a] tendency to develop other allergic conditions, such as asthma and hay fever” later on in life. They are absolutely right.

But what conventional dermatology protocols for eczema treatment don’t plan for is the domino effect that takes place when eczema is suppressed through the various pharmaceutical drugs that are employed to “treat the condition.”

Cortisone Cream: Eczema Treatment with Sobering Consequences

The most common drug used for eczema treatment today is cortisone cream. In a matter of days, this drug will reduce eczema to a mild level and often it will get it to disappear altogether. The relief it brings is tempting and seductive at best — but I know how beguiling it actually is — so let me stay your hand for a moment to explain the consequences.

We think that the consequences are all listed on the “side effects” label of the drug. For cortisone cream, this includes an increased risk of getting infections and possible birth defects for pregnant women who use this steroid. Not good. But it gets worse!

Pharmaceutical Dominoes from Conventional Eczema Treatment

Homeopathy understands that when you suppress pathology and symptoms, you drive the illness deeper into more vital organs in the body.

So while your skin may be afflicted today, if you don’t allow your body to work it out by itself or cure properly, you effectively suppress the disease deeper into the body and find yourself with exactly what Web MD says you can get: asthma, hay fever and other allergic conditions, for life.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy, wrote, “Removal of local (skin) symptoms results in a heightening of the whole disease.”

Indeed, after my eczema was suppressed as a child, I found myself developing even more symptoms later on: a severe sensitivity to chemicals, an ever-growing list of food allergies, chronic fatigue, headaches, anxiety and more!

Oh, how I would have traded all of those troubles for topical eczema!

But — I dare say — that neither the more serious conditions nor the eczema are desirable. “Leaving it alone” just wouldn’t cut it for me.

Natural Eczema Treatment Alternatives

Today, with my 28 years of study in the field of homeopathy, I know that when the correct remedy is selected, homeopathy becomes the ultimate tutor for your body. It teaches your body to resolve the issue. It complements your body’s symptom. Homeopathy is curative, not suppressive.

Why, that’s the exact opposite of conventional medicine!

Sadly, however, to treat a chronic condition like eczema via classical homeopathy, you often need to work with a seasoned homeopath and it can take years. You cannot do it yourself…

…that is, until now.

Enter the Banerji Protocols. These simple homeopathic protocols were developed by Drs.Prasanta and Pratip Banerji.

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It is from them that I learned what I’ve always known but needed to be shown the shortcuts…that the complexity of classical homeopathy had been turned usable by means of straightforward and inspired procedures that anyone can learn.

So I committed to an intense 13-week fellowship with these world-renowned doctors where I observed and recorded 5,528 live cases. (I’ve never written so much in my life!) When I returned home to Western New York, I painstakingly organized, collated and categorized each case so I could use these protocols in my daily practice, but more importantly, to teach families back home.

What I learned not only via my fellowship in Calcutta but cumulatively as a homeopathic practitioner regarding eczema are the following:

1) In the end, topical cream usage is a huge intensifier of long-term suffering. Avoid it at all costs.

2) Other than allergen abstinence (not a good solution in the real world), homeopathy is the only medial method known to mankind to root out not only newly presenting eczema but old suppressed forms.

So what is the upshot of what I have learned? That the homeopathic remedy that tens of thousands in India and around the world have profited from for effective treatment of eczema is Arsenicum album.

Often, this medicine alone will make such a dramatic difference that no more will be needed!

If, however, this gets things moving in the right direction but doesn’t take healing to completion, we know that there are other homeopathic remedies that will conclude the work. Sometimes the problem is related to food intolerances, and that has its own protocols depending on the type of intolerance.

It may require 6-12 months but is worth every effort. So, for example, if the food allergy that causes eczema (or other skin conditions) is a gluten intolerance, the remedy is often Bovista. While, if the intolerance is from milk (raw or otherwise) the remedy choice is likely to be Aethusa.


Since learning how to treat my family with complete medical autonomy, saving thousands of dollars because of this knowledge for the last 28 years,it is my passion to inspire you to take control of your life yourself and uproot your gut and skin issues. I want all moms to become healers. I want them to be known as a healer of their home and community.

When you know something important, it is your duty to share it.

Learn More! Video + Free Educational Graphic on Homeopathy for Skin

Should the prospect of eliminating eczema or any skin condition from your or your child’s life excite you as much as it does me, click here to take a peek at this video to learn more and also get your free educational graphic with 15 skin conditions and their specific homeopathic protocols to teach you how to cure your family yourself.

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Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) has a passion for teaching moms.

Her methods are simple:  Clean living, nutrient-dense foods, staying away from the pediatrician’s office and knowing…really knowing…homeopathy.



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