fascia blasterIn a perfection obsessed culture of photoshopped models and smartphone apps that banish physical flaws with clever lighting and angles, a wellness product called the fascia blaster fits right in. 

SarahThe Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Mother to 3 healthy children, blogger,

natural treatment for rosaceaRoscacea is a skin disease that typically affects people over the age of 30. It involves a red rash on the face that initially comes and goes. Sometimes the rosacea rash includes small, red, pus-filled bumps. The number of people suffering from rosacea today is growing rapidly with the age of onset getting younger and younger.

hydrogen peroxide bathMy maternal Grandmother was an amazing traditional cook. For decades, she delighted friends and family with inventive culinary creations. Her incredible raspberry pie made every summer with seasonal local berries was a perpetual fave of mine along with a main course she called City Chicken that so perfectly blended seasoned muscle and nutrient dense organ meats together that even a picky toddler would gobble it up.

skin icing for healthier younger looking skinGrowing up as a runner, I remember very clearly when I would train in the winter through rain, hail and even storms. Although this was painful, not to mention super uncomfortable, the one thing I would always look forward to was how my skin looked upon completion. I know this sounds crazy, but when you grow up having acne (even into your adult life),

all purpose comfrey salveWhen it comes to salves, I much prefer one that will work for nearly all situations and challenges the skin may encounter. This simplifies things considerably and means the kids know exactly what to grab and use when they have a skin problem as opposed to a medicine cabinet full of tubes and jars that they need to fish through to find the right one.

child who needs eczema reliefThe constant itchy skin, the uncontrollable urge to scratch causing many a sleepless night pretty much sum up one condition – ECZEMA. This uncomfortable and sometimes unsightly skin condition affects 3% of adults and up to 20% of children.

As a first step, it’s critical to identify any potential eczema food triggers and get to the root cause of this autoimmune ailment.

histamine intolerance and acneWe have known since the 1930’s that beneficial bacteria, especially Lactobacillus acidophilus found in fermented foods, can help heal intestinal permeability. This condition is better known as leaky gut. The research clearly shows that foods rich in probiotics are an essential component in maintaining clear skin and avoiding problems with acne.

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