Eating Lowfat Yogurt While Pregnant a Danger to Baby

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lowfat yogurt not healthy during pregnancy

Wow. Yet another study has come out that links lowfat eating before or during pregnancy to a poor health outcome.

A previous study has linked lowfat dairy consumption in women to infertility.

Now, defenseless little babies are the ones who reap negative health consequences when their Mothers unknowingly swallow the lowfat propaganda.

The study was presented in September 2011 at the European Respiratory Society’s Annual Congress in Amsterdam.

Study results showed that women who ate lowfat yogurt with fruit once a day were 1.6 times more likely to have children who developed asthma by age 7.  These children were also more likely to have allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and to display current asthma symptoms.

Let’s chalk up this study as reason #1001 to lose the lowfat bandwagon – flawed thinking and logic that has long ago crashed and burned at the bottom of a cliff.

Are you still eating lowfat thinking this is healthy for you?



What are you waiting for?  For lowfat to be denounced on the evening news or your conventional doctor to hang his head and tell you that there has been a terrible mistake – that saturated fat is actually good for you and isn’t responsible for clogging up everyone’s arteries after all?

Fat chance (pun most definitely intended).

Take your health in your own hands and read the writing on the wall with the lowfat propaganda that allows Big Dairy to sell you inferior (lowfat) products and then sell the cream to ice cream manufacturers for a handsome profit.

It’s all about splitting up whole milk into as many component products as possible to improve corporate revenue.

It’s the American Corporate Way.

Now you know why you can’t resist that enormous bowl of ice cream (or two) you eat every single night. The fat in your ice cream SHOULD have been in your full fat yogurt smoothie at breakfast and on your salad in the form of full fat cheese at lunch and in your full fat cream sauce over your chicken for dinner.

Because you avoided saturated fat all day long like a dutiful little lemming, you now have to deal with ice cream and other snackie cravings every single evening in front of the TV!


You must switch to full fat dairy TODAY which healthy ancestral cultures consumed for thousands of years!

Here’s the bottom line.  For most people, eating lowfat will more than likely make you fat.  And if it doesn’t make you fat, you will likely be skinny and hypoglycemic.

I realize that the concept of eating lowfat actually making you fat is a bit of an intellectual paradox, but you have the mental gunpowder to wrap your brain around it, don’t you?

Resolve to break out of the box today and start eating full fat with abandon.  You will be shocked, amazed, and most importantly DELIGHTED at how better you feel, how much more energy you have, how much your ice cream and sugar cravings diminish, and how much easier it is to maintain your weight.

And, if you are planning on becoming pregnant, learn how full fats can help you not only become pregnant but bear a very healthy, smart, happy child!    The Beautiful Babies E-Class is accepting enrollments through November 15, 2011, so check it out right away before it fills up!   Click here to learn more.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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