desiccated liverIf you’ve spent even a minimal amount of time studying how healthy traditional cultures ate, you’ve no doubt realized that nose to tail eating is a prominent and very important – if not crucial – characteristic. This means that historical people groups consumed not only the muscle meats from animals, but also the organs,

pemmican, pemmican recipeImagine it is five hundred years ago and you find yourself traveling across the northern plains during the winter. Temperatures are well below freezing. Wind is strong. Water is scarce, food even scarcer. What would you eat? Where would you find it? Would it be nourishing enough to sustain you? Native Americans understood and had an answer to this problem,

liver superfoodEnergy drinks are the new norm in our exhausted society today with a mind boggling array of cans or shots to choose from at gas stations, supermarkets and healthfood stores alike.  Because energy drinks are frequently marketed as nutritional supplements, there is no limit to the amount of caffeine they can contain.

Some brands contain such excessive levels of caffeine that people have ended up in the ER or died as a result although the company making one of the energy drinks in question denies all responsibility.

beef tallowTallow is hands down my favorite traditional fat to use for frying. I like it even more than lard. It is ideal for this purpose as it has less than 3% polyunsaturated fats. This amount is just a bit less than coconut oil.

What’s more, if your tallow comes from cattle finished on grass or given grain for a very short period of time (a few weeks at the most) before processing,

roasted bone marrow, bone marrow recipesBone marrow was an important sacred food for the preindustrialized Indian cultures living in the Rocky Mountain range far into the Canadian North during the early 1900’s.

Dr. Weston A . Price studied these cultures firsthand and documented in his masterpiece Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that bone marrow was provided as a special dietary ration for growing children and also served as a substitute for milk when necessary.

beef heart, heart recipesAt the PaleoF(x) Conference this past week in Austin, it seems that the primary thing I talked about for 2 days straight was the critical importance of sacred foods in the diets of pregnant and breastfeeding women and growing children.

Organ meats were considered the most beneficial food in Traditional Societies due to their unique nutrient density and the vibrant health these foods bestowed upon those that consumed them.

natto fried rice, natto recipesThe silver lining of the economic doldrums of recent years is that people are getting back to basics as a result of the hardships and the importance of cooking meals at home is making a huge comeback for many families.

Fortunately, even if a family is on government assistance, whole, local foods can be purchased at farmer’s markets and even healthfood stores with Food Stamps.

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