It’s hard to imagine a more backward, outdated, and damaging approach to detecting breast cancer than the annual mammogram. Place breasts between two plates, compress them hard (to the point of pain for some women), and douse with more radiation than 1000 chest x-rays combined (1 rad). All this … on an annual basis!

clean a yoga matIf you’ve ever participated in a group yoga class, you’ve no doubt noticed the bin of (usually) nasty mats in dire need of cleaning along the wall at the back of the room. To avoid this germfest, most people who regularly practice buy their own. The question is, though, how do you clean a yoga mat without damaging it?

slow cooker bone brothI’ve had a number of inquiries recently on how to make bone broth in a slow cooker like the Vita-Clay.

Since I’ve already posted about how to make meat stock, I thought I would post my recipe for making bone broth in a clay slow cooker too.

the zoe harcombe diet“Eat what you like, and still lose weight!”

“Stop counting calories and start losing weight!”.

Are these sound bites part of a new McDonald’s marketing blitz? Or some other dietary fad set to fool the masses?

Actually, they are neither. They are online blurbs for The Harcombe Diet,

saffron riceIf you want to find out how to make saffron rice, it isn’t too difficult. Numerous recipes are at your fingertips if you do an online search, and they are all basically the same.

This recipe for saffron rice is different because it is made with traditionally prepared rice, which adds several unique and very important benefits. 

monk fruitDo you like cucumbers? If so, its cousin monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, may interest you. You may have even eaten monk fruit extract without knowing it!

Monk fruit is a small, subtropical melon that grows on a herbaceous perennial vine of the cucurbit family. It is native to southern China and northern Thailand,

sheep milk benefitsWhen people ask me what type of dairy milk I prefer, they are usually surprised when my answer is sheep milk! I particularly adore sheep milk cheese and when it is seasonally available locally, I stock up.

In my travels across parts of Europe last summer, I was pleasantly surprised to see that sheep milk is readily available in some places that I visited.

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