rice bran oilRice bran oil has suddenly been thrust into the foodie spotlight with the recent announcement by Chipotle founder, Steve Ells, that the restaurant chain is now using it for cooking instead of GMO soy oil.

Is rice bran oil a healthy choice for cooking and frying?  Is it a traditional fat like peanut oil used by other restaurants like Chick-fil-A also seeking to avoid GMOs?

Chipotle food is GMO free

Never before in history has humanity been so in need of those who challenge conventional thinking, tear down barriers and take a sledgehammer to preconceived ideas. This is especially true in the economic sector concerned with food production and distribution.

While a growing number of individuals and small companies are willing to step outside the box to help create a new food culture,

health problems worsened by nightshade vegetables

It is almost foodie sacrilege to suggest that a group of colorful, antioxidant rich vegetables ubiquitous within the Western diet might not be as healthy as the natural food community paints them to be. This is exactly what this article is going to attempt to do – wade you through the process of considering whether nightshade vegetables might in fact be worsening your health symptoms even if they are grown organically in nutrient dense soil.

cleansing mythsWhy is it that the health community today seems totally obsessed with cleansing? Everywhere, even in supermarkets and gas stations, potions, powders, teas and supplements are heavily promoted as the best way to detoxify the body, lose weight and help gain muscle. Despite well documented and very real dangers of drinking frequent green smoothies,

coffee enema bag with silicone tubingPeople tend to cringe and get grossed out by the words coffee enema let alone the suggestion of actually trying one. This despite the fact that enemas are an incredibly simple, powerful and effective healing therapy that have been used for thousands of years and recommended by some of history’s greatest physicians.

pediatricians say no to the CDC vaccination schedule_mini

If it is so well proven that following the CDC Childhood Immunization Schedule is of clear benefit to a child’s health and the community at large, why are so many pediatricians choosing to opt out or diverge from these guidelines?

A recent study published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics (1) revealed the stark truth that the mass media seems to refuse to acknowledge,

yellow rice topped with peasAuthentic and very delicious yellow rice cooked in gelatin and mineral rich chicken broth instead of water is a great way to get more of this digestion enhancing (and wrinkle reducing) superfood into your family’s diet.

Just to give you some idea, people on the GAPS Diet (book) who are healing their gut to reverse autoimmune disease incorporate a small cup of homemade broth with every single meal.

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