insomnia remediesIf someone could squeeze 8 hours of sleep into a vitamin pill, that scientist would surely win a Nobel Prize!

Restful sleep arises at the intersection of a wide range of hormonal influences and effects. If your metabolism, brain, and sex hormones are functioning well in balance with each other, you will sleep well.

Dangers of SoyWith all the loads of scientific data available that soy (even edamame) is not a healthy part of anyone’s diet, it shocks me how many folks are still on the “soy is good for you” bandwagon – even people who should know better like your doctor!

I just got an email from a reader the other day who had been to multiple doctors,

There is a growing movement afoot across the United States to remove the ability of parents to opt out of vaccinations for their children or even delay them through an alternative vaccination schedule as determined by their pediatrician.

The misguided reason?

That the miniscule number of parents who choose to delay vaccines or not vaccinate at all is somehow “endangering”

calcium in bone brothIs there as much calcium in a cup of bone broth as in a cup of milk? Many people in the Real Food community seem to think so.

The hard truth is that the calcium content of homemade bone broth doesn’t even come close. The good news is that broth still lives up to its bone-building reputation,

fermented cod liver oilI first came across fermented cod liver oil when I became frustrated with my 6 year old son’s dental health. I took him to a conventional dentist and all they had to offer was anesthetics and drilling. Logically, I knew something deeper was wrong because my 4 other kids didn’t have as much tooth decay as him.

marathon dangersHave you ever noticed that marathon runners in the Olympics look like concentration camp victims?

Have you ever wondered why marathons are considered “healthy” in our society yet the first man that ever ran one collapsed and died immediately after?

Yeah, and Pheidippides was fit too, likely selected for his job as a herald due to his speed and distance running ability.

Heal IBSAs a certified Nutritional Therapist who specializes in digestive issues, I was recently asked to appear on a local TV show and talk about irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a functional bowel disorder that is becoming increasingly common, if not epidemic, in our society.

IBS is becoming so common that you probably know someone who suffers with it. 

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