Local honey The benefits of raw, local honey are widely known, especially for boosting of the immune system and keeping allergies at bay, but is the local honey you are eating providing these full benefits?

Traditionally bees were kept in a completely natural, nontoxic manner, but this began to change as recently as 1987.

emu oilNutritional pioneer Dr. Weston A. Price commonly referred to the wonder nutrient Vitamin K2 as “Activator X”. Did you know that emu oil is one of the highest food sources of this elusive and critical nutrient on the entire planet?

K2 holds great promise for healing chronic and degenerative disease. Credible research indicates its power to reverse arterial calcification,

cod liver oil off the spoon

Cod liver oil is perhaps the world’s most misunderstood superfood. First recorded by Hippocrates for medicinal use in Ancient Greece around 400 BC, cod liver oil has enjoyed a storied history since.

Ancestral cultures as diverse as the Eskimos and the South Seas Islanders both revered the use of fish liver oils for their health-giving properties,

Kevin Ogar
CrossFit is in the limelight again. 

A recent injury at the annual Crossfit OC Throwdown in southern California has left competitor Kevin Ogar most likely paralyzed from the waist down and the media is abuzz with where the fault lies. 

Is it because Crossfit (CF) is such an inherently dangerous sport,

eggs in Japan_mini (1)
Without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of eating local and buying as much as possible from small businesses and farms within your community is the logistical nightmare of coordinating pickups.

I was emailing back and forth with a doctor just last week about how to get a local farmer’s fresh,

Go PrimalIf you make an effort to source and prepare meals made with fresh, whole ingredients for your family and are still purchasing most of your personal care items from the supermarket or drugstore, let this article serve as the motivation to make a positive change in 2014.

Fact: We absorb an average of 64% of the total contaminants that we put on our skin (source: University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health).

best vegetables to boost immunityDo you wish there was a simple solution that tackled things like cancer AND the common cold?

Time and again, both in my nutritional training and my own experience with my family, I am shown that the kitchen is the first place to begin for getting well.

Helping our little ones and ourselves get strong and well can come from the most modest and unassuming sources.

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