wireless baby monitorsAre wireless baby monitors a good choice to help keep your child safe while you are out of the room?

Well, consider this ….

If a cell phone company applied for a permit to install a cell phone tower next to a school in your community, do you think there would be a large public outcry?

Fans of the beloved 90’s sitcom Seinfeld will no doubt remember the words of the Soup Nazi which were quickly directed at any customer who did not strictly follow his no nonsense rules for standing in line, ordering, and payment at his popular New York deli.

“No soup for you!  

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys healthcare workers!

TriHealth, one of the largest employers in the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area, has confirmed the firing of 150 of its nearly 11,000 employees in recent days for refusing this year’s flu shot.

The deadline for employees to receive the flu vaccine was November 16,

pop tarts
Part of the overwhelming allure of processed foods beyond the colorful, creative packaging shouting at you from the shelf is the orderly, symmetrical and very consistent shapes of each cracker, chip, cookie, puff and flake.

The freakish uniformity of each Oreo cookie to all others that ever existed lulls the consumer into a complacent and dazed shopping routine that requires neither thought nor examination to execute.

The obstacles can sometimes seem insurmountable in our grassroots efforts to secure such basic freedoms as the right to consciously choose the foods that nourish our bodies and the holistic treatments to assist us if we get ill.

At almost every turn, a growing and increasingly belligerent government bureaucracy backed by Corporate taskmasters attempts to thwart our efforts by terrorizing small farmers whose only “crime”

One of the most important tasks I tackle each holiday comes after the meal has been eaten, the guests have gone home, and the dishes washed and put away.

The health promoting aspects of making mineral rich stock with the leftover bones of the holiday turkey cannot be overestimated and so I absolutely wanted to include it in the final Turkey Tips segment I filmed for Gayle Guyardo,

gibletsAs you ready your holiday turkey for roasting, do you throw away or feed your pet the turkey giblets that usually come tucked inside the bird?

The giblets can provide concentrated and hugely beneficial nutrition to your holiday meal. Why not use them instead of toss them this year?

In this fourth of the five “Turkey Tips”

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