Flu Fascism: 150 Healthcare Workers Fired for Refusing Flu Shot

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Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys healthcare workers!

TriHealth, one of the largest employers in the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area, has confirmed the firing of 150 of its nearly 11,000 employees in recent days for refusing this year’s flu shot.

The deadline for employees to receive the flu vaccine was November 16, 2012.  Employees who did not comply with the company’s directive were terminated Wednesday, November 21, 2012 according to a TriHealth spokesperson.

TriHealth’s excuse for its flu fascist policies?

The shots were offered for free!

What a deal!

Ladies and gentlemen, listen up:   TriHealth cares so much for the wellness of its employees that it is paying for their flu shots out of its own pocket this year!   This selfless, corporate act made out of true compassion and concern for its employees’ health comes complete with the following ingredients (from Mercola.com) :

  • Aluminum — a neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Mercury – a neurotoxin that has no allowable safety limit according to the EPA
  • Triton X-100 — a detergent
  • Phenol (carbolic acid)
  • Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
  • Betapropiolactone – a disinfectant
  • Nonoxynol – used to kill or stop growth of STDs
  • Octoxinol 9 – a vaginal spermicide
  • Sodium phosphate

In addition, this year’s flu shot also contains the Swine Flu vax which has been shown to increase the risk of fetal death by miscarriage or stillbirth by over 10 times if the person receiving the flu vaccination is pregnant!

Could it be that the company’s real motive for requiring the flu shot replete with these toxic ingredients is to help ensure that TriHealth’s employees will never be healthy or work long enough to collect that TriHealth pension or promised retirement benefits?   Come to think of it, most employees probably won’t even be around long enough to fully vest those 401(k) matching funds!

Now there’s a company commitment to its employees that is worth its weight in, uh aluminum, don’t you think?

The Rise of Flu Fascism

Since when did conditions of employment include the right of the employer to control the employee’s physical person and demand injection of known EPA toxins directly into an employee’s bodily tissues?

Sounds a lot like slavery to me.  Will TriHealth be requiring their employees to be branded with the company logo next?

I certainly hope these employees have retained a high powered law firm to take this matter to court. There is absolutely no legal basis for forcing an employee to be vaccinated contrary to his/her religious or philosophical objections.

For those employees who are teetering on the brink of getting vaccinated in order to appeal for reinstatement of their TriHealth jobs, please consider another option:  a written letter clearly stating your religious objections to the flu shot.

To read how to successfully refuse mandatory vaccinations and not get fired, click here for the details along with a sample letter for you to use.


Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

Source:  TriHealth Fires 150 Employees for Not Getting Flu Shot

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