toxic makeupWith women choosing to start their families at later ages, new research which indicates that the simple use of makeup and other cosmetics could bring on menopause anywhere from 2.3 to perhaps as much as 15 years early is a grave cause for concern.

The analysis, conducted by a team of scientists led by Dr.

There’s a lot of California style mud slinging going on right now regarding the highly controversial Prop 37 and the desperate fight to require the labeling of GM Foods.  With only a week to go before what promises to be an historic and incredibly divisive election, the fate of Prop 37 will, for better or for worse,

survival suppliesBeing a native Florida girl, I have ridden out many a hurricane in my day.  My Mom kept hurricane supplies stocked all storm season long in a special cabinet.

The first hurricane I ever remember was when I was about 3 years old.  My family’s small home, which my parents still live in,

A few weeks ago, Chaya Feodus and I had a really fun, hour long chat for her show and podcast Pantry Paratus Radio.

We talked about a wide range of topics from why eating an all organic diet may improve your health but has little chance of giving you optimal health to my view on the proper place of grain based foods in the diet.  

pork meatballs recipe, pastured pork recipesMy kids are in love with the pork meatballs I make with quality pastured meat I obtain from a local farm. This tasty, nutrient dense meat comes from happy pigs that are free to run around outside in the sunshine. Pastured pigs that are exposed to UVB rays produce lots of vitamin D which is stored in the lard

A story out of New Jersey last week has demonstrated the simple yet unmitigated power of a jury of one’s peers in slowing and perhaps reversing over time the accelerating trend toward bureaucratic fascism in the United States and other Westernized countries.

The combination of unjust laws and regulations restricting the freedom to make simple choices about the foods one eats and the medicines one uses combined with an overzealous and frequently aggressive government bureaucracy has made it increasingly difficult for normal,

The growing and extremely troubling problem of girls reaching puberty early was first identified in 1997 and has obvious visual signs that are not easy to ignore.

In the United States, as many as 10 in 100 white girls, 15 in 100 Hispanic girls, and 25 in 100 African American girls are experiencing breast development as early as 7 years old!  

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