Fluoride tablets

Are you still drinking fluoridated water, using fluoride toothpaste or permitting the dentist to administer fluoride treatments on your children?  Even worse, are you using fluoride tablets thinking this will somehow help prevent cavities in your child?

Parents: It’s time to wake up!  The strong evidence that fluoride negatively impacts children’s neurological development and actually lowers their IQ just keeps growing and growing.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Pediatricians of America have declared war on parents in recent years.

They are bullying, coercing, and even downright threatening parents with expulsion from their practices if they do not comply with the required CDC vaccination schedule.

I myself have been expelled from several Pediatric practices over the years for questioning the excessive CDC schedule which now includes 68 vaccinations by age 11-12!

egg cream, egg cream recipeSo there I was, standing in line at the grocery store.


The elderly gentleman in front of me was obviously a bit bored with the long line too because he turned around and started to examine what was in my shopping cart.

What was in my cart,

I am a charts, graphs and diagrams kind of gal.

I love the visual representation of data which is one reason why I was so attracted to Economics as my college major.  Those of you who have taken Economics know what I’m talking about here – charts, graphs and diagrams galore!

Because of my personal predilection for pictorial data,

The horrific effects of fracking continue to grow with doctors in Pennsylvania now caught up in the web of deceit.

Hydraulic fracturing technology, known as fracking, explodes millions of gallons of toxic chemical solutions deep into the ground in order to free natural gas deposits for drilling companies to exploit for massive profit.

julia roberts toothpaste free smileDon’t look for actress Julia Roberts to be pitching toothpaste on TV anytime soon.

In a surprising tidbit of information about her personal care routine, the Oscar winning actress revealed that she does not use toothpaste to maintain the beautiful smile that made her famous.

What’s more, she doesn’t use any of the natural brands of toothpaste that many consumers are switching to as they discover the many dangerous chemicals and other additives contained in conventional toothpastes.

gallbladder surgeryHow to go about eating fat, even healthy fats, after gallbladder surgery seems to be an increasingly common dilemma nowadays. You have to wonder if these folks tried a simple gall bladder cleanse before deciding to go under the knife. Sadly, the answer is probably no.

Why in the world are so many folks having problems with this small organ that aids in fat digestion by storing and concentrating bile produced by the liver?

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