Are You a Milk Moonshiner?

by Sarah Pope MGA | Affiliate linksComments: 33

Today is Raw Milk and Lemonade Freedom Day and a group of brave activists are celebrating the affair in Washington D.C. with a mix of events, seminars and, of course, Real Food!

I thought I would post this song in honor of the occasion to bring a smile to all of our faces and add a touch of humor to the very serious mission we all face in North America as we fight for the freedom to choose nutrient dense food and raw unprocessed milk for ourselves and our children.

We must all laugh, smile and be happy in the midst of this war we are silently fighting every single day as we choose to purchase and consume unprocessed grassfed milk from the small farms in our community.

Humor is an essential aspect of the road to victory that will inevitably be ours as it will keep us sane and focused in the face of all the terrible persecutions that many small farmers and now even consumers are experiencing along the way.

So listen, laugh and enjoy!  Thank you to Whey Jude for sending this delightful piece my way!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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