The Rise of Compassionate Pediatrics in a World of Overmedicated Children

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In case you haven’t noticed, the Pediatricians of America have declared war on parents in recent years.

They are bullying, coercing, and even downright threatening parents with expulsion from their practices if they do not comply with the required CDC vaccination schedule.

I myself have been expelled from several Pediatric practices over the years for questioning the excessive CDC schedule which now includes 68 vaccinations by age 11-12!  When I was a child, I received 3!

I know firsthand the humiliation and tearful frustration one feels when someone in a white coat condescends to you, a “mere Mom”, and tells you to leave for not submitting to their authority.

The truth is, it didn’t used to be this way.

Prior to 1986 when Congress passed a law shielding doctors and vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits resulting from vaccine injury, Pediatricians used to be much more compassionate with their patients.

Doctors used to regularly recommend no further vaccinations if a child had experienced any vaccine injuries such as seizures – particularly seizures with no resulting fever – after a routine vaccination.

Shockingly enough, since the passage of this vaccine shielding law, seizures, high pitched screaming and even collapse on the part of a child is no longer considered by many doctors to be a good enough reason to halt further vaccinations.

It is critical as a parent to avoid confrontation and bullying at the Pediatrician’s office when trying to protect one’s child from vaccine injury.  I’ve written a post before on How to Resist Pediatrician Pro-Vaccination Tactics, but the better strategy would be to just not go.

Find a Compassionate Pediatrician or Family Doctor who is willing to work with your family and establish a personalized healthcare strategy that works best for your child and his/her unique health history.  These types of physicians are on the rise, so don’t take the abuse from your Pediatrician if they are practicing an overly rigid and uncompromising form of medicine.  Vote with your feet and fire them first!

To locate the kind of Pediatrician or Family Doctor who has the mindset that matches that of your family and who does not try to shove all children into the same box based on the rigid and excessive CDC vaccination schedule, click here for a listing by state.

I highly recommend taking 4 minutes to watch this video below by National Vaccine Information Center President Barbara Loe Fisher.   It will rock your world and likely change your view if you are on the fence about vaccination and need to get the inside scoop.

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