vegan breastfeedingVegan breastfeeding has caused an 11 month old baby to die and the parents are charged with neglect after an autopsy indicated the baby suffered from severe deficiencies in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A. Both these nutrients are known to be critical to a child’s development and sorely lacking in a vegan diet.

It's nearly Christmas!Paula’s observations on the Milk Cure also known as the raw milk fast continue in today’s post.   If you are just joining us, Paula Jager CSCS owns a Crossfit studio here in Tampa, FL and writes the fitness posts for this blog.

How much longer will Paula continue?  She originally wanted to fast for 5 days,

milk fastPaula Jager’s Milk Cure journey continues in today’s post which chronicles Days 7-9.  Be sure to catch Paula’s observations on a raw milk fast for Days 1-3 and Days 4-6, previously posted.

Paula’s curiosity in the Milk Cure was piqued after receiving a copy of The Untold Story of Milk by Dr.


China Daily recently reported that a herd of 200 cows have been genetically modified to produce human milk.

It seems this news development puts a sock in the mouths of the folks who insist that cow milk is for baby cows only and that humans shouldn’t be drinking it!

It's nearly Christmas!Paula Jager CSCS, fitness contributor for this blog, is currently doing The Milk Cure as described by Dr. J.D. Crewe MD in his writings on the subject. For see more information about The Milk Cure and Paula’s first three days on this detoxification/rejuvenation program, go to: The Milk Cure in Action:  Days 1-3.

Memories are made of thisBack in 1929, Dr. J. R. Crewe MD of the Mayo Foundation, a forerunner of today’s Mayo Clinic, wrote an extensive article for Certified Milk Magazine about the curative effects of a raw milk fast.  The only milk available in those days was, of course, raw milk rich in butterfat from old fashioned cows grazing on unsprayed pastures –

smart balanceI’ve had it. Everyone has her limits and I’ve reached mine. If one more person who claims to eat healthy tells me that he/she uses Smart Balance or any of those health robbing butter substitute “spreads”, I think I’m going to scream. This includes other pseudo-foods like Egg Beaters too.

A loud,

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