liver pate on a cutting boardLiver and liver pate is one food that folks sometimes hesitate to incorporate into their kitchen routine even after making most of the changes required to transition back to the wise ways of Traditional Cooking.

Not all liver tastes the same, though, and just because one type of liver doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean that you will dislike them all.  

are you toxicI first started to get professional massages over 25 years ago. I was living an extremely stressful, toxic lifestyle at the time with lots of business travel, eating out nearly every meal, and a rush rush manner of living pretty much all the time. It seemed glamorous and exciting for about a year or two.

A story has been making its way around the Web the past couple of weeks regarding a nondecomposing McDonald’s Happy Meal.     Sally Davies, a New York based photographer and artist, bought a Happy Meal back in April 2010 and left it out on a plate in her kitchen ever since to see what would happen.

GT Kombucha bottleAttention all kombucha fans. After a 4 month wait, fans of GTs Kombucha and other kombucha brands can heave a sigh of relief as the product is slowly finding its way back on the shelves of healthfood stores across the country.  It is still raw and unpasteurized as before (with a few changes –

mercola infant formulaThe Mercola website has announced that his team is working to produce “the finest infant formula on the market.

An excerpt from Dr. Mercola’s article announcing this development states:

…my team has now been working on an infant formula for an entire year.

homemade kale chips, kale chips recipeSeveral friends have been raving to me lately about homemade kale chips, a delicious new way to enjoy your leafy greens. Now, I really don’t know if this is new or not in the grand scheme of things;  in fact, I suspect it is not new at all. There are probably folks reading this post who have been making this recipe for some time! 

Squats Up?

by Paula Jager FitnessComments: 2

front squatHow’s it going? Is everyone doing well learning these new exercises? Good, then that means we are eating healthy, moving well and getting fit! We thoroughly covered the bodyweight squat in another post as well as had a visual demonstration. When you are ready to progress to a more challenging squat there are a few ways to do this.

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