wake up callTo end the week on a fun note and to help me get to know all of you a bit better, I have put out a poll that asks the question, “When did you first realize that the official party line on health was at best mistaken and at worst a total scam?”

sprouted grains make sprouted flourThe video lesson plus written recipe features how to make sprouted grains at home and thus make your homemade sprouted flour for all your baking needs.

China is credited with developing the method for germinating seeds many centuries ago and on long ocean voyages, Chinese sailors used sprouted mung beans as a source of vitamin C for preventing scurvy.

Today is the one year birthday of the The Healthy Home Economist blog!     Many thanks to all of you who have shared this amazing adventure with me so far.   Your blog comments, input via email, and general inspiration have been invaluable to me over the past year.   I can’t wait to see what fun experiences the coming months have in store for all of us!

almond flour pizza crustSeveral of you emailed me asking for this almond flour pizza crust recipe since I posted it as part of My Personal Food Log last week. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It is so fabulous, and I am so delighted that I am not missing wheat crust pizza in the slightest with this recipe in my back pocket (I am such a huge pizza lover).

Have you ever noticed that most dentists have a kind of “bricklayer” mentality?  They peer into your mouth, examine your teeth and gums and then proceed to clean, drill, fill, or straighten your pearly whites like they are somehow separate from the rest of your body!      A contractor installing pavers in your driveway or a mason building a brick and mortar wall around a courtyard approach their work in basically the same way.

deception on the label of a popular brand of coconut milk

While shopping recently, I picked up a couple of cans of Thai Kitchen whole coconut milk and happened to notice when I got home that the amount in each can is now only 13.66 oz – down from 14 oz the last time I bought some.     As you can see from my photo below,

personal food logYou asked for it, dear readers, so here it is.   My personal food log from Monday- Thursday this week.       All comments welcome on my choice of fare – both positive and negative (as long as you are courteous).   Please remember that I am off all grains (disaccharides) at the moment and have been for the past month.  

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