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Video: Healthy, No Guilt Tortilla Chips

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist December 9, 2013

Who doesn’t love tortilla chips? That enjoyable salty crunch is irresistible especially when paired with a quality salsa for dipping.

Tortilla ChipsThe problem is that the modern tortilla chip has strayed from its healthy heritage and become more of a junk food than the nourishing, traditional, food it should be.

Even the tortilla chips served at Chipotle are made from genetically modified (GMO) corn and fried in sunflower oil, an omega-6 vegetable oil that absolutely cannot be heated without the creation of free radicals that damage cell DNA when consumed.

Organic tortilla chips from the healthfood store are not a good idea to eat on a regular basis either. While the corn used is nonGMO in an organic chip, a survey of the popular organic tortilla chip brands indicates once again that the oils typically used (safflower, sunflower, canola) are not appropriate for high heat frying or even baking given the high concentration of delicate, heat sensitive polyunsaturated fatty acids.

No need to write off tortilla chips, however. Make them the old fashioned way and you can eat them knowing that you are being nourished and not harmed in the process.

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Healthy Chewing Gum Alternative

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist January 15, 2013

healthy chewing gum

When I was a kid, I loved to chew bubble gum. I remember becoming quite proficient at blowing very large bubbles at summer camp one year.  From then on, chewing bubble gum became a favorite childhood pastime of mine.

While chewing gum once in awhile is certainly not a cause for concern, chewing gum every single day as a habit definitely can be detrimental to health.  As I covered in detail in a previous post The Sticky Truth about Chewing Gum, habitual gum chewing wastes valuable digestive enzymes and can contribute over time to TMJ and other jaw problems among other issues.

Fortunately, there is a very healthy chewing gum alternative to brands laced with aspartame or GMO sugar.

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Healthy Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist December 22, 2012

There is absolutely nothing healthy or beneficial about sweetened condensed milk even if made from organic or grassfed milk.

Strike #1 is the lengthy heating time required to reduce the milk down to a condensed state which thoroughly denatures the fragile milk proteins.  Denatured milk proteins do not digest well even for those with a healthy gut as the enzymes produced by the body to perform the task no longer fit together properly with the damaged and altered milk protein molecules.

Any undigested food molecules are prime goodies for any pathogens hanging around in your gut which are more than happy to take over control from your friendly and beneficial bacteria friends if given the chance.

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Video: Quick and Easy Pumpkin Puree

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist November 16, 2012

Very exciting news!

Yesterday, the News Channel 8 Today Show with anchor Gayle Guyardo, an NBC affiliate station in Tampa, Florida, aired my very first cooking clip.

The 5 clips I filmed for the show are airing each weekday – one each day – through Thanksgiving.

This “Turkey Tips” series shows simple things you can do while preparing your Thanksgiving meal to make it more enjoyable, tasty, and - of course – nutritious!

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