Healthy Soups to Buy (Hint: Not in a Can or Tetra Pak)

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Real True Foods

When the essential life decision to eat healthy is made, commercial soups are arguably some of the most important processed foods to leave permanently behind. Surprisingly, a simple switch to a line of healthy soups to buy has been virtually impossible until very recently.

Whether the soup brand is purchased from the supermarket or the health food store, canned and tetra packed soups and broth (including bouillon cubes) are always nutrient poor choices even if organic as they are highly processed to promote long shelf life.

Worse, the vast majority of commercially produced soups contain neurotoxic MSG and other dangerous additives that are hidden under benign sounding names such as “spices”, “natural flavors”, “seasonings”, “stock”, and “hydrolyzed protein” among dozens of others.

Just as consumers catch on to the tricks behind one ingredient pseudonym, food manufacturers change it to another, then another, resulting in a never ending game of cat and mouse for label reading shoppers attempting to avoid dangerous ingredients.

I’ll admit that when I first realized how nutritionless and toxic commercial soups truly are back in 2002, I found it extremely challenging to make the transition 100% to homemade versions. It seems that when you most need a bowl of homemade, healthy soup, you open the freezer to find you are out of broth! Even if you have homemade broth on hand, perhaps the necessary ingredients needed to make soup are not available in the vegetable bin.

Who wants to make a run to the store to get soup ingredients, let alone expend the effort required to make a pot of healthy soup, when you are running a fever or simply exhausted from illness?

Isn’t there a source for truly healthy soups anywhere?

Real True Foods Offers the First Line of Healthy Soups to Buy!

This exact scenario played out in my home a few weeks ago when I came down with a nasty cold. Tired and rundown, I really needed the simple, wholesome goodness of a mug of soup. While I had plenty of broth on hand in the freezer, I was out of a couple key ingredients for making soup. A mug of broth alone wasn’t going to do it for me at that point. I needed a thick soup that would serve as a meal in itself.

As luck would have it, a box was delivered that very afternoon that contained the brand new line of healthy soups by Real True Foods courtesy of my blog sponsor, Wise Choice Market. These soups are unlike anything else I have ever seen on the market before because they are of the same premium quality that I make myself.

The soups arrived frozen, packed in a compact box with dry ice. I was delighted to discover that I was able to place the containers straight into the freezer and they were of a size that was easily stackable to save space. I learned from Simon, owner of Wise Choice Market, that the soups are poured into the BPA free containers after they have cooled to 40 F/4.4 C so there is never any heat involved in the packaging process.

The slow food movement inspired healthy soup creations included:

  • Roasted tomato soup: Organic tomatoes, organic onions, real 24-hour organic chicken bone broth, organic cream, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic garlic, organic basil, organic oregano, Selina Naturally® Celtic sea salt, organic extra virgin olive oil.

  • Roasted carrot and fennel soup: Organic carrots, organic fennel, real 24-hour organic chicken bone broth, organic cream, organic cold pressed coconut oil, Selina Naturally® Celtic sea salt, organic garlic.

  • Creamy mushroom soup: Organic mushrooms (Crimini, Brown and Porcini), real 24-hour organic chicken bone broth, organic cream, organic pasture butter, Selina Naturally® Celtic sea salt, organic garlic, organic thyme, organic onion.

  • Creamy broccoli cheddar soup: Organic broccoli, real 24-hour organic chicken bone broth, organic cream, organic pasture butter, organic cheddar cheese, Selina Naturally® Celtic sea salt, organic onion.

  • French onion soup: Organic onions, real 48-hour organic beef bone broth, organic pasture butter, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic wine, organic garlic, organic parmesan cheese, Selina Naturally® Celtic sea salt.

My FedEx care package from Wise Choice Market also included containers of bone broth – real 48 hour beef broth and 24 hour chicken broth both made with filtered water, organic bones, organic apple cider vinegar, and Celtic sea salt along with organic garlic, onions, and parsley for extra minerals.


Finally – a truly healthy line of soups to buy that is of the same quality I make myself!

Real True Foods Soups

Healthy Soups to Buy Have Been a Long Time Coming

Having waited more than a decade for this type of soup to arrive on the market, I literally teared up reading the ingredients.

At last! Mom has a Plan B in the soup making department!

As any parent knows who takes the time and effort to source and prepare nutrient dense meals for her family day in and day out, having a little help now and then is invaluable particularly when you get sick and need a day or two away from the kitchen to recover.

It’s really hard to have it all on you all the time when it comes to preparing meals, isn’t it?  While I will absolutely continue to make my own broths and soups for my family as I have consistently done for 12 years, you can be sure that several containers of these wholesome soups and broths will be available in my freezer from now on as Mom’s backup plan.

Healthy Soups with Taste that Pops

As you can imagine, I was very eager to taste the soups right away.  I placed the container of Roasted Tomato soup in a pan of warm water. After a minute or two, the chunk of frozen soup popped out, and I placed it in a pot on the stove to thaw on low-medium heat.

Within a few minutes, I was enjoying the mug of thick, nourishing soup that I really needed to help me get over that nasty cold quickly – with no shopping or cooking time on my part required.

I can’t even tell you the relief I experienced when I tasted the soup and it was nothing short of sensational. Crafted by professional chef, Reb Brown who owned a very successful restaurant in the suburbs of Los Angeles before starting a family with his Certified Nutritionist wife Sharon, these soups taste just as good (maybe even better) as what you make at home with no loss in the easily absorbed colloidal minerals and intestinal health boosting gelatin that are the primary reasons for making homemade soup in the first place.

While these quality soups are definitely more expensive than what it would cost to make them yourself, you can’t put a price on having them available at a moment’s notice when you need them in a pinch because healthy soup is not just food – it’s medicine!

Even more exciting, this line of healthy soups is just the beginning of a whole range of frozen, prepared Real Foods of the same quality, which will be available for shipping direct to people’s homes in the coming months.

Real True Foods is the soupalicious and nutritious insurance policy I know I’ve been eagerly anticipating for many years. I feel confident once you try them too, you will agree!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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