Is Your Healthcare Provider Best, Good or to be Avoided?

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist December 26, 2013

choosing a healthcare provider

A recent edition of the monthly Chapter Leader newsletter from the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) had some interesting information I thought was worth passing along.

This particular newsletter contained guidelines for finding a quality healthcare provider for yourself and your family – a very timely topic for those who actively seek to implement health goals.

Certainly, the healthcare provider you choose has a tremendous influence and impact on whether or not those goals come to fruition.

I’ve blogged before on how to determine if your dentist is truly holistic but have not tackled how to pick a doctor or other healthcare provider. Picking the right practitioner is a very important decision as the wrong person guiding your medical choices has the ability to upend all the good you are doing sourcing and preparing nutrient dense foods for your family with bad advice, toxic therapies or discouragement of your efforts in the home.

The importance of finding a healthcare provider that is as closely aligned with your dietary and medical philosophy as possible cannot be overstated!

The guidelines provided by the Weston A. Price Foundation were so pithy and spot-on that I thought I would share them with all of you. A big thank you to Lisa, WAPF Chapter Leader of Eugene, Oregon for crafting the wording of these guidelines.

For a list of practitioners who make the “Best” or “Good” categories where you live, contact your local WAPF Chapter Leader for his/her resources list.

Is Your Healthcare Provider “Best”, “Good” or “Avoid”?

Below are the categories with which to classify your healthcare provider. What to do if yours falls under the “Avoid” category but you need to keep seeing this doctor due to health insurance reasons?

In that case, go to that doctor only for routine tests, checkups etc, but go to a doctor in the “Best” or “Good” categories for interpretation of these results only if necessary.  Also, make a mental note that whatever a doctor in the “Avoid” category may say to you should be taken with a grain of salt as this information is not based from a traditional dietary or holistic healing perspective.

Healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about and uses Weston A. Price dietary principles in his/her practice, and who is also highly skilled and effective at working with the body’s natural healing abilities.

Healthcare provider who does not use Weston A. Price dietary principles in his/her practice, but is nevertheless effective at working with the body’s natural healing abilities, and supportive of your dietary and lifestyle choices.

Healthcare provider who pushes low-fat diets, USDA food pyramid, reduced-sodium diets, vaccines, mercury fillings, root canals, flouride, routine antibiotics, or toxic drugs and treatments, and those who argue with or belittle their patients over their personal dietary or lifestyle choices.  

If you have a great practitioner that fits in the “Best” or “Good” categories, please post name, location and phone number if you are comfortable with that to share with other readers who live in the same area.

Do you have additional criteria for determining who is worthy of your medical trust or websites that list quality holistic healthcare providers?  Please share your tips in the comments section.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


Comments (100)

  1. Massachusetts:
    Dr. Betty Wood, Acton MA (Good)
    Dr. Michael Coffey, Framingham MA (Good)
    Groton Wellness Center, Groton MA (Best)

  2. Frank Aieta, ND is a licensed naturopathic physician in West Hartford, CT and is definitely a “best” doctor. Yes, he recommends and sells supplements, but bases his “prescriptions” on lab testing; the goal is to change your diet so that supplements are not necessary. I recommend him to everyone!

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  4. We are getting ready to move to Meridian.MS in a few months. Does anyone know a good practitioner in Meridian area or someone in Alabama? I am willing to drive for good health!

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  6. This is a great article and very informative. I think learning about health is very important because people should start living healthier life styles. With all the different illnesses these days people should watch their health as much as possible. There are a lot of technological advances that are helping researchers as well. Products like Hematology Stains can have the ability to help identity blood cells easier.

  7. I would appreciate any recommendations for a WAPF health practitioner near APOLLO BEACH, FL 33572.

    Sarah, I clicked on your link above and joined the Yahoo group, but I can’t find the list of practitioners. Do I have to wait to be approved as a member?

    Thank you.

  8. YesminR,

    Looking too! Had a dr I thought was holistic, WAPF friendly. But bedside manners STINK and really, my health has deteriorated b/c of her treatment. Looking in the Dallas/N Texas area too!

  9. We just moved to Denton, TX, both husband and I now on Medicare. Don’t have a doctor, dentist or optometrist. Recommendations?

  10. Cool Springs Family Medicine in Franklin TN. We see the NP, Samantha Moulder. She follows Weston Price, has 3 children who have not been vaccinated and is a huge advocate of nursing until children self wean. My son broke out in crazy eczema when he was around 1 and instead of a RX, she recommended GAPS (for a short while), upped FCLO and to rub coconut oil all over him. She definitely thinks “outside the box” and we love her.

  11. My main requirement is that a Medical Dr. is respectful of my lifestyle & beliefs. There will be very few M.D.’s who follow the ‘Best’ guidelines because they have been taught to follow AMA or AAP and other dietary mainstreams. They can lose their licensing for following what others in their field consider to be dangerous same as with vaccines.

  12. In the KC area is a ped named Lance Slaymaker and an FP named Doug Brooks. Neither of them require their patients to vax. Slaymaker not super breastfeeding supportive and will encourage you to give it up at the slightest problem; but if you want to see a pediatrician, he may be the only outpatient practice that doesn’t push vax.

  13. Colorado has 3 in the Best category that I personally see. John Kucera, MD (Colorado Springs) 719-596-1118, Mark Cooper, ND (Colorado Springs) 719-471-8411, and John Augspurger, DDS (Biological Dentist in Denver) 303-355-0646.

    • Between Dr. Cooper and Dr. Kucera is there one you’d recommend for working with a GAPS patient and trying to diagnose possible autoimmune issues? Thanks!

  14. I live in Charleston, South Carolina and have had amazing experiences with Dr. Sherri Jacobs, a naturopath/health-coach. Dr. Sherri falls in the “best” practitioner category- she is knowledgeable of Weston A. Price principles and effective in applying them. Her greatest attribute, in my experience, is her competence in truly listening, which equips her to apply my health complaint to my whole body/life. I trust her and appreciate her knowledge of our body’s ability to heal naturally. I recommend Dr. Sherri to anyone in the area.

  15. I do know of a naturopath I have used in the past here in GA: Dr. Becky Mauldin. I also know of a couple of chiropractors, too. Dentists are tough: there are a few here, but they are hours from me and with 2 small kids it’s tough to find the time. My dentist doesn’t push fluoride and doesn’t do mercury; I’ve been happy with him. My kids’ dentist is another story: they all seem to push fluoride.. sigh. At least this one seems to accept I don’t want it and doesn’t push it at every_single_visit.

  16. Any docs in Southwest Florida? Desperately need one for my little family. All the docs here keep trying to push drugs and steroids into my little girl, not to mention the fights over the vaccines.

  17. I recently discovered Dr Robinson’s family practice in Lakeland, Fl. I live in Plant City, FL and am thrilled to have this awesome health resource so close to home. Their prices are very reasonable and they practice alternative healing methods as well as conventional medicine when necessary. They are a father and son practice and are as knowledgeable as you would hope your doctor would be and they are compassionate as well. I recommend them to any one in the area!

    • Dr. Paul Williams! I met him at Whole Foods one day, and we had a conversation that stemmed from the kale in my basket…and the fact that my hand basket was overflowing. Lol. He gave me his card. THEN a few months later, I find out that he is the in office Doc for a company that a client of mine works for. I don’t know a lot of about him, but I definitely know he is rather “cool” and “prescribes” supplements instead of antibiotics and such.

      His office and number are on this site.

  18. DR. Marsha Hamilton N.P in Portland Oregon (Milwaukie). I’d put her in the Good, possibly Best. She is more pro-paleo, but very open to what works.

  19. It is so reassuring to have a doctor who sees you as a whole person and doesn’t prescribe drugs for every single thing you come to him with. We’ve been blessed with a holistic family doc that takes our insurance. Granted it is rare we actually end up there, but he is a phone call away and always knows exactly what the issue is, it’s amazing. He will always try a gazillion natural remedies before resorting to any drugs, even then he will never prescribe something to take regularly, only short term until the root cause is addressed. It’s a long drive, so we only go when absolutely necessary. (not sharing his info because he isn’t taking any more patients any time soon)
    Anastasia @ eco-babyz\’s last post: One of Those Long Days

  20. This is all good Sarah, but it would be even better if WAPF would begin a list of doctors who are open to WAPF principles or are at least not totally opposed to them. Maybe WAPF could begin one? I have an NP who listens, but still is freaked about my “elevated” cholesterol and is a bit stuck on the old low fat diets. She’s slowly coming around, but I’d love to find an MD in my area that is WAPF friendly. I have no idea how to find one. Help!

  21. I’ve reached out to a few of my local chapters just to get connected a s involved and basically got no response. kind of disheartening.

    been looking for a doctor in the Philadelphia area if anyone has any knowledge of one.

  22. While living in SE Wisconsin, we went to Dr. Michael White in Germantown. He is a Family Practice dr. He is definitely a “good” doctor, and was covered by our insurance – BCBS. He didn’t push vaccines and actually advised against some. He thought it was wonderful that my kids drink keifer and take Cod Liver Oil. He never once suggested antibiotics for treatment. He also advised against a procedure for my son that two other pediatricians insisted I do. He saved my son a lot of pain and us a lot of money.

    We are in the process of moving to Ann Arbor, MI, and would love a referral to a good or best doctor there. Thanks!

    • There is a James Neuenschanwder (734 995 3200) may be a surgeon but was recommended to me.
      There is an internist who leans holistic and naturopathic. His name is Edward Linkner and is highly recommended. I no longer live in Ann Arbor or I would have gone to him. I am unsure about insurance.

      Edward Linkner MD
      2345 S Huron Parkway
      Ann Arbor, MI 48104

      734 973 1010

      There are many options in Ann Arbor, as there is a very diverse population there due to the University. Right next door is Ypsilanti which also has Eastern Michigan University. You will however also find many doctors that just do what they were trained to do in medschool, all the traditional modern methods.

  23. GCan someone please tell me how to get rid of the pop.up adds that have suddenly started popping up on this and other blogs in the last couple of weeks? I am not very smart phone sauvy. They are popping up right over the content I am trying to read and it is extremely annoying. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I figure I will need to disable something but darned if I can figure out what. Thanks again

  24. My chapter leader, Scott Gillentine in Winston-Salem, NC, said, “I don’t have it please visit her website and get it there”
    Now what? …

  25. Hi Sarah,
    I love your web-site.
    I clicked on the Westin Price Website you had highlighted in your article, and I couldn’t find a list anywhere for healthcare practitioners in my area. How do you find WAP’s list for practitioners in my area?

  26. I live in Abilene, Texas and I am SUPER frustrated at the lack of holistic dentistry that is even CLOSE to affordable! I have some major issues, but the holistic dentist that I went to in Ft. Worth about 6 months ago, wanted 16 THOUSAND dollars to fix me! I left and drove home in tears! I have heard of one that is very good in Mexico, but that is still a long way and a little scary. Any help guys? Thanks.

    • I have had dental work done in Mexico. It was very high quality and inexpensive. Even with the plane ticket, it is often cheaper to have work done there than in the states. If you have questions about a specific dentist, I would try to get in touch with some of the expatriates living in that area to see if any of them have used him or her and what they think of his or her work. There was a yahoo group for the English speakers in the town I was living in near Puerto Vallarta. Perhaps there is something similar near the dentist you are considering.

  27. I live in Greenville, SC and go to a doctor and Physician’s Assistant in Easley, SC at Livingwell Integrative Healthcare. I would put them into the “Good” category although I know that they 100% support my healthy eating plan and do not push any medications, etc. I have received excellent care and they are always available for questions, even in-between visits, at no additional charge. They do not push any supplements but give good advice and if medications are needed they would first recommend compounded products that are designed for your individual needs. They do not take/file insurance for you but will provide the paperwork so you can file it yourself and get reimbursed by your insurance in that way.

  28. I’d put Dr. Waters in Wisconsin Dells in the “best” category. We’re both members of a local, and now nationally known (read “infamous”) Grazin’ Acres farm membership for people seeking raw, nutrient dense dairy and other foods, (Vernon Hershberger’s farm). He stresses diet for health, but also uses supplements and other methods to aid the body in healing. He healed me from adrenal exhaustion. I was quite lucky to find him after becoming SERIOUSLY ill after conventional (read “modern”) treatment.

  29. In the south suburbs of Chicago, try Dr. Mark Zumhagen M.D. I haven’t needed to see a doctor in 15 years, so I am going by what my clients tell me. I am told he follows the WAPF diet. But I’ve also been told he no longer practices medicine as such (no longer delivers babies at home, fixes broken bones, etc.), but that he works with people with diet, lifestyle, and homeopathy. You could call to find out what he is actually doing. 708-403-7070

  30. Looking for a best or at least a good doctor in Texas. Im in the central Texas area (Waco), centrally located between Houston, Dallas and Austin. If anyone knows of a doctor in my area it would be greatly appreciated. Ive had bad experience. And desired a doctor Id be happy with for years.

  31. I spent a lot of money and time trying to find someone in So Cal/Orange County. I found that often Naturopaths have just as small a “box” as MDs, they just have different stuff in their little box.

    I work now with Leigh Erin Connealy. I don’t know if the clinic follows Weston Price, and i wasn’t satisfied with their nutritionist, but Connealy is good. She looked at my thyroid labs and said, “These aren’t bad” – my heart fell, but then she proceded to do muscle testing and found my thyroid was NOT working well at all and prescribed supplements based on that. They do have a big store there of mostly supplements, but i’ve never had pressure to buy their stuff. Their price of the natural thyroid supplement i get is quite reasonable. Since i can get Standard Process elsewhere at a good price, i do.

    Another practitioner in OC is Kathleen Albertson, “Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist.” I’ve been very pleased with her.

    I’ve tried a number of docs in OC/So Cal. If anyone is interested in my “don’t bother” list, you can contact me.
    Kathryn\’s last post: Another Gift My Parents Gave Me

    • My NP found me to be hypo thyroid also and we did all the natural things first, diet, etc., then tried a natural supplement, NaturThroid only to have it not work for me at all, actually ended up in the ER with heart issues due to an overdose…..anyway, she worked with me, put me on a synthetic one and I am doing great! I am 64, so didn’t want to mess around any longer trying “natural” stuff, especially if it sends me to the ER!

    • Heidi,
      We moved from Hillsboro, Or to Huntingtown, MD in July. Friends of ours, Barry and Lauri Tauscher in Tigard, took their son to Dr. Mark Stern. Feel free to google them or email me at

      They also introduced our family to Kangen Water which is produced by a certified medical device from Japan. The health issues that our family had suffered with for several years are no longer a concern just because we changed the water we drink. We went to several “specialists” with little to no relief. I am willing to help educate those who are REALLY ready to make a change.

      With Kangen Compassion,

      Diana Danielson

  32. I’ve seen 2 doctors who maybe fall into the “good” category, but never a best. Dr. Aukerman at Ohio State was good and took insurance, but I think he just retired. When he found out I drank raw milk, he just asked me if I got it from a certain farm and told me that was a good place to buy it. Now I go to the Holtorf Clinic in Torrance, CA. It costs a fortune. I’m pretty sure they’ve never heard of WAPF, but they know how to treat thyroid properly, don’t criticize my lifestyle/diet choices, and know that low fat/low cholesterol stuff is bunk. They push their own really expensive supplements, but the stuff works surprisingly well, and they don’t get too worked up when I decline to buy them.

    • Ruhi Deabreu – can you please share the contact info of that person. I live not too far from the area? Thanks

      • I am new to this state of Maryland and live near Bowie. I am recovering from cancer and would also like to know about a doctor in this area, for a general practice. Thank you.

      • Kristin,

        I did not see a reply to your request for a name. We are in Huntingtown, MD. Did you ever find a doctor. I am still looking for various doctors/dentists. I winter if there a directory of some sort to narrow down our search.

        Diana Danielson

  33. Corinne Harpster ND via Facebook July 4, 2013 at 1:39 am

    I am a naturopath in the Seattle area and follow the WAPF teachings as well as educate my patients about them. I have patients making their own kombucha, sauerkraut and kefir. I love them :) and I do take insurance.

  34. So far I have found that all naturopathic doctors I have frequented (since I have completely given up on mainstream allopathic ones) are green allopaths (to quote Dr. Carolyn Dean). They love pushing their billion and one supplements and expensive treatment options on their patients. Then it kind of all fizzes out into thin air. I can only imagine from everything they expect a patient to do that one needs to be independently wealthy and idle to be able to afford the time and money for treatment options they suggest. This is in Portland, the home of NCNM. Genuinely disappointed. I know that when I was a kid, there were these doctors who were like wisemen/wisewomen. They could see you, your gait, parse your voice, your gaze and have an idea about your ailment from experience. They did use tests and medicines but frugally and wisely. These doctors are becoming scarcer and scarcer. Where are these true healers? We just have people around who want to make a profit and run their health businesses rather than give us a sustainable way to deal with health problems. I know that allopathic doctors are notorious for supporting big pharma, throwing one into a cascade of tests and drugs but all the naturopaths I have visited also use us as guinea pigs for new treatments without taking any responsibility for the outcome.

    Following the WAPF diet, Sarah’s blog and other related sites have been greatly beneficial and have changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe however, I am at a loss when I get a mysterious ailment or health problem every now and then. I am at the end of my tether.

    • Amen Ranjani! My NP who has helped me in many ways, is just not open to WAPF principals. She kinda stares at me in a glazed way when I talk about raw milk, and that I’m not worried about my elevated cholesterol. Even after I did a stress test with an echocardiogram and my arteries were clear, she still doesn’t like my “levels.” So, I’d love a list of WAPF knowledgeable doctors in SoCal. I too have benefited from a WAPF temp ate of a diet these past 5 years. I’m sold, wish some doctors in my area were!

      • Mikki…are you sure she is a true NP…I would think she would not be worried about your cholesterol levels?

      • My experience with naturopaths was similar. I was told “don’t eat this, don’t eat that” – but when i asked for a rational explanation for the strictures, they were not able to say anything that made sense to me. We ARE all different in our responses to things and saying, “Studies have found . . . ” just doesn’t cut it. I have seen some of those studies done and know just how unscientific they truly are.

        What part of SoCal are you in? I’m reasonably pleased with the doc i see, and love the chiropractor i work with. I also know a lot of people/docs i can honestly tell you, don’t bother.
        Kathryn\’s last post: A Dress for a Wedding

  35. Laila Abdullah via Facebook July 3, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    There’s only one Naturopath/Homeopath in the Kansas City area. So much for big city life~ LOL!

  36. I live in Westerville OH and I see Dr. Marvin Im up on Polaris Pkwy. I’ve been very happy since finding him as he is miles above any primary care doc I’d seen before. I’m not sure that I can say he is in the best category but certainly he up to the level if the “good”. I’d recommend him to others. In fact, I already have in the past several times.


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