Where Vax Choice is Winning and Why it is a Basic Human Right

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By Michael Belkin, contributing author Vaccine Epidemic

vaccine choice
Washington State is a haven for informed parents who choose to opt-out of the CDC’s draconian one-size-fits-all and ever growing vaccine schedule.

Parents who would rather not turn their kids into pincushions for the medical industrial complex might find that task easier to accomplish in Washington State than in more vaccine-insistent states on the East Coast, Midwest and South.

I’m a contributing author to the book Vaccine Epidemic. The motto of our book (coined by NYU law scholar Mary Holland) is vaccination choice is a human right. That concept comes from the Nuremberg Trials following WW2, where Nazi doctors were tried and executed by the Allies for (among other things) killing prisoners with experimental vaccines that were administered without their permission. The Nuremberg Trials are the foundation of modern medical ethics and informed consent, which states that a patient has the right to refuse a medical procedure.

I’m a vaccine refuser. My family moved to Washington State from New York City in part to escape the intrusive vaccination requirements on the east coast. Our first child (born in NYC) died within hours of getting the hep B vaccine and the coroner found a swollen brain, the classic medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction. I’d have to be out of my mind to vaccinate my kids after what happened to our daughter. Besides the experience of a personal vaccine tragedy, I’m a graduate of the UC Berkeley Haas Business School and an expert in statistical analysis – I’ve examined the vaccine propaganda closely and the fact is, it just doesn’t add up.

WA State Exemption Rates
We are able to refuse vaccines because we live in WA State and have a doctor (listed in Seattle Magazine’s 100 top doctors) who supports our position 100%. But WA State public health officials are in a tizzy because vaccine exemption rates in certain school districts are above 10% (see table). Washington has a personal vaccine exemption which allows parents to opt out of childhood vaccine requirements for school attendance. This exemption was tightened several years ago and now requires a doctor’s signature. Despite the expense and hassle factor of sitting through doctors’ vaccine propaganda lectures, the WA vaccine exemption rate hasn’t gone down much after the new restriction. Parents are enduring doctor’s vaccination indoctrination sessions in order to get their signature on the vaccine exemption form. It’s a form of non-violent resistance against a police state intrusion on personal liberty and health freedom.

An increasing number of educated parents are coming to that same conclusion and are rejecting vaccines. Communities of these families can be found in Northern California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. High exemption rates in those areas indicate that informed parents are not obeying CDC vaccine dictates. Vaccines are simply one concern of educated parents who are eating organic food and avoiding toxic chemical exposures.

Are Vaccine Refusers Ignorant?

Vaccine propagandists claim that parents who skip vaccines are Jenny McCarthy devotees or deceived followers of Dr. Wakefield’s retracted Lancet MMR/autism study. But the truth is educated parents are reading vaccine package inserts and medical textbooks that declare the facts about vaccine adverse reactions: Brain damage.

The CDC absolutely refuses to do a study comparing the health of unvaccinated with vaccinated children. But informed parents are reading reports by pediatricians like Fran̤oise Berthoud, MD on the marvelous health of unvaccinated children. Parents are refusing vaccines because unvaccinated children are healthier than those who have been injected with the CDC vaccine schedule Р51 shots of 18 different vaccines age 0-18.

Are Vaccines Really Responsible for the Decline in Epidemics?

Public health officials obsess over clusters of unvaccinated kids, like they are a threat to the human race. That Neanderthal view of human immunity is not supported by facts or the historical record. A great new book Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk debunks the myth that vaccines eliminated diseases. The book is packed with excellent data and charts that prove infectious disease epidemics during the industrial revolution were caused by dreadful sanitation (buckets of human excrement thrown in alleys in NYC and Chicago), polluted drinking water, horrible nutrition and overcrowding.

Disease rates and mortality declined dramatically after toilets, sewers and clean drinking water were established – and BEFORE vaccines were introduced. Instead of relentlessly hyping vaccines, public health officials should be issued shovels and forced to dig sewers and water systems, since poor sanitation and polluted drinking water are the primary causes of disease epidemics.

Blaming disease outbreaks on the unvaccinated is the last refuge of scoundrels. A recent WA State pertussis mini-outbreak was blamed on vaccine failure, not vaccine refusal. CDC Immunization Director Dr. Anne Schuchat said:

‘We know there are places around the country where there are large numbers of people who aren’t vaccinated. However, we don’t think those exemptors are driving this current wave. We think it is a bad thing that people aren’t getting vaccinated or exempting, but we cannot blame this wave on that phenomenon.’

According to no less an authority than vaccine Godfather Paul Offit ‘It is true that natural infection almost always causes better immunity than vaccines.’ Educated parents who research immunity and immunization will discover that their children can gain permanent immunity through exposure to normal childhood diseases. Ironically, disease eradication programs based on vaccination are eliminating natural herd immunity and replacing it with booster-dose immunity, because vaccines are ineffective and wear off.

From this perspective, unvaccinated kids who gain natural, permanent immunity are the true reservoir of human herd immunity, rather than a risk to the vaccinated who are supposed to be protected. Furthermore, the medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction is encephalitis (brain inflammation) – the same thing as the disease complication vaccinators take credit for eliminating. The profound increase in neurologically-damaged children testifies to the risk of vaccine adverse reactions.

Spreading the Message With Music

the refusers
I have a rock band The Refusers. We have a message of health freedom. Our music and ideas are resonating with rock music fans, and we’re currently ranked #1 in Seattle Rock on reverbnation. Our first album and music video is entitled First Do No Harm (aka The Hippocratic Oath). WA State is also ground zero in the national GMO labeling fight – our latest youtube music video is entitled Right To Know. We’re trying to wake people up to the risks of vaccines and GMOs.

Parents who face persecution for not vaccinating their kids might consider moving to a location that is more receptive to vaccine refusal and health freedom. Washington State fits that bill. Vaccination choice is winning in Washington State.

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