Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell at the Pediatrician Office

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One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging for awhile is when random strangers come up to you while you are shopping or eating in a restaurant to tell you that they read your blog or watch your videos and love it. This may even happen while you are out of town as I discovered on vacation last summer while shopping at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.

I love it when this happens as it provides a tangible, real world connection to the virtual work I do everyday and the positive impact it is having on people’s lives.

This wonderful experience happened again the other day while I was in the checkout aisle at the store.  A young mother named Vicki stopped to say hello and said that she read my blog and really enjoyed it. She then went on to mention that my video on making the homemade raw milk formula had been especially helpful to her and that her baby daughter has been thriving on it for the past 2 months.

She also mentioned that a recent checkup at the Pediatrician confirmed that the baby was growing so well and was very, very healthy.

At that point, I got very worried and asked Vicki if she had told her Pediatrician that she was using the raw milk formula to feed her child.

To my great relief, she told me she had not mentioned it to him and didn’t ever intend to.

You see, it is very risky to ever mention at the Pediatrician office, or to any doctor or nurse caring for your child for that matter, that you feed your child raw milk. Whether that child is a baby, toddler, or adolescent, the American Academy of Pediatrics is becoming more and more hostile toward raw milk by the day and you risk having the Pediatrician tattle to Social Services if you choose to feed your baby or child this wonderfully healthy, traditional food that has nourished humans for millenia.

Not only has the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Infectious Diseases and Committee on Nutrition officially warned that babies and kids should avoid having raw milk, but the AAP’s policy statement, published a few days ago in the Journal Pediatrics, endorses a complete ban on the sale of raw or unpasteurized milk and milk products in the United States, shockingly even including raw milk cheeses that have been aged for more than 60 days.

Dr. Jatinder Bhatia, writing for the group, said the following: “Contamination during milking or storage or milking from cows that may be diseased, exposes the consumer to severe and life-threatening illnesses.”

If you think that a doctor would never call Social Services on a patient that feeds her children raw milk, think again.

Consider the recent nightmare of Alorah Gellerson of Brooklin, Maine who made the mistake of telling a doctor about the homemade raw goat milk formula she proudly and carefully made for her healthy, happy, three-month old son Carson.

Social Services quickly same knocking at the door after the doctor reported Alorah and threatened to take Carson away and put him in foster care unless Alorah switched to store bought commercial formula.

Can you believe it?  Your conventional Pediatrician would rather you feed your baby GMO frankenformula never proven safe for human consumption instead of a homemade, nourishing formula made with raw milk from pastured cows or goats.

The world has officially gone mad, my friends, at least where food is concerned and conventional Pediatricians are leading the charge.  Be sure to opt out of the craziness by staying silent at the doctor’s office and proactively sourcing safe, healthy, nutrient dense raw milk for your children.

Sources for Grassfed Raw Milk

Interested in making the homemade raw milk formula for your baby instead of GMO commercial formula if you are unable to breastfeed?  Click here for a how-to video plus recipe. If you need sources for the raw milk formula ingredients, click here.

Need grassfed raw milk for your older child?  Click here to find a local farm near you.

Need more information on the safety of raw milk? The book The Untold Story of Milk: The History, Politics, and Science of Nature’s Perfect Food is a must read to help you mentally bust through the misinformed, anti-raw milk propaganda of conventional nutritional circles and governmental entities such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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