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Blogging is an interesting endeavor, quite unlike anything else I have ever experienced before.    On the one hand, I have found that most of the blog topics that are my own ideas tend to come from things I am currently wrestling with in my own life or experiences that happen from day to day that impact the message of True Wellness – the basic premise of this blog.   On the other hand, there is clearly no doubt that some of my best blogs have come from reader requests.     For example, Jamie’s blog request a couple of weeks ago on how to feed babies was a brilliant suggestion.   It is a topic that I should have blogged about months ago, but simply hadn’t because my own children are no longer babies and that sort of thought process is not in the forefront of my mind anymore.

It has recently dawned on me that a mix of blog ideas coming from both sources is probably the way to go.    After all, this blog is not for me.    It is for you and for my children and your children.    Therefore, the topics discussed here should be a blend of the experiences I have had and am currently having on my path of Wellness that may help you on your own journey as well as a conversation about things that you are currently struggling with that perhaps my own experiences can shed some light on.

With that in mind, I am asking you, dear readers, to please comment at the end of this blog with your own blog ideas.   If you have more than one idea, then please fire away.   I can’t guarantee that every idea will be blogged on.   I certainly can’t blog on something if I don’t know anything about the topic suggested!   However, I will do my best to blog about every single idea put forth if it makes sense for me to do so.    It may take awhile to incorporate them all into this blog’s tapestry of topics.    For example, sometimes I have a list of blogs lined up for the week, only to put them all on the backburner when something comes along that supercedes all my planning!

I look forward to reading and contemplating every single one of your blog ideas!   I am very excited to see what you all will come up with!

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