Public Servant Who Actually SERVES is Fired

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I think many of us these days are disallusioned with the red tape laden bureaucracy we call “government”. It is rare to find a public servant who actually takes his/her job seriously and does an excellent job at the same time. Dr. Jason Newsom is one of those public servants who was actually trying to make a difference in people’s lives. Unfortunately, he was fired from his job running the Bay County, FL Health Department for his “out of the box” strategy for reducing obesity in his jurisdiction. He posted anti-obesity messages on an electronic sign outside the Health Department such as “America Dies on Dunkin” and “French Fries Thunder Thighs”. A county commissioner who owns a donut shop and a couple of lawyers who own a Dunkin Donut franchise in the area forced him to remove his sign by threatening a lawsuit. Feeling the pressure from such local high flyers, the County Health Department asked him to resign or be fired.

You can read about Dr. Jason’s predicament at the following link. If, after reading this article, you feel that Dr. Jason was wrongly fired, please call the Florida Surgeon General, Ana Viamonte Ros, MD and complain at 850-245-4444

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