The Real Food Fountain of Youth

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I got carded today.

At the healthfood store.

For buying a bottle of kombucha.

My friend Cindy Y. was there so you can ask her if you think I’m kidding.

I know that getting carded for buying a bottle of kombucha is kinda weird, but the FDA has done much stranger things over the years, wouldn’t you agree?

What’s even weirder is that the sign at the register said “We Card Everyone Under 27”.

Now, I’m not under any grand delusions that I somehow look 27 when I am a full 2 decades older.   Cashiers simply know how to make a busy Mom’s day (or year) by asking for her driver’s license to see if she’s legal.

While this experience was rather amusing to me, it did get me thinking about how I feel today versus how I felt 20 years ago.

In short, I feel like a totally different person.

I have more energy, stamina, strength, and am much more fun to be around (and live with) now than I was back then and Real Food is the reason why.

Not all Real Food though.

While the entire international smorgasbord of Real Food is important in it’s own way, what I’m talking about here are the Sacred Foods.

Sacred Foods are those foods that Traditional Cultures revered as they bestowed extraordinary health and resistance to disease and infection to those that consumed them.

What are the Sacred Foods?

Organ meats, raw butter, fish eggs, egg yolks, cod liver oil.

Pretty much all the foods that most people avoid like the plague.

The Sacred Food I think is primarily responsible for me feeling better in my 40’s than in my 20’s is liver.

Cod liver oil and grassfed liver have made all the difference to my health over the years.

You’re not going to want to hear this, but I actually eat my liver raw on occasion.

Raw liver??

Before you frantically surf to another page, let me explain.

I really don’t enjoy liver that much.

While I totally adore chicken or duck liver pate on toast, eating liver by itself totally gags me (good news: you can stop the gag reflex though if it’s a bit of a nuisance!)

So I completely relate to that grossed out feeling you got when you read the line about raw liver.

How did I get over the gag worthiness of liver to actually incorporate eating it raw with regularity in my diet?


I chop it up into very small pieces and swallow them whole without chewing.

That way, I don’t have to taste it, I don’t have to experience the texture or anything.

It just goes straight down the hatch to do its amazing and nutritionally transformational work.

Worried about eating meat raw?  Don’t be.  If you freeze it for 14 days or longer, then thaw and eat, any risk of parasites is slim to none.  USDA research is actually helpful on occasion.

Do you hate liver too?

Don’t miss out on the life changing effects of this incredible Sacred Food just because your taste buds have let you down.

Get a decent piece of liver from your grassbased farmer, freeze it for 14 days, thaw it, chop it up into little pieces and put in a jar, and start swallowing a few tiny bites each day.

I guarantee you will feel better.


Ok, flat out fantastic.

You can thank me later.


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