The Milk Cure in Action: Days 4-6

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Paula Jager CSCS, fitness contributor for this blog, is currently doing The Milk Cure as described by Dr. J.D. Crewe MD in his writings on the subject. For see more information about The Milk Cure and Paula’s first three days on this detoxification/rejuvenation program, go to: The Milk Cure in Action:  Days 1-3.

Paula’s diary of observations for days 4-6 follow:

Day 4: Did not sleep well last night; do not know if it is related as that usually happens around the time of a full moon.  Still not hungry, energy level still good in the am but was a little fatigued midday and early afternoon.  No desire to exercise and that is highly unusual for me or could be related to not such a good nights sleep and the fact that I have been working non stop all day.  Have decided to continue this as it has been easy and satisfying. One thing that does seem improved slightly is mental clarity.  I seem to have a slightly better focus and concentration.

Day 5:  Slept a little better.  Elimination has been fine, color is different since drinking only milk (a light tan) but otherwise normal.  Been periodically checking blood pressure (which is usually normal 110/70 ish) and it has not changed, temperature (runs low– high 96 to high 97) and it has not changed and pulse rate (usually mid 60’s) and it has not changed.  Energy remains good.  No cravings, no real desire for food.  Feel somewhat more satisfied than when I am eating.  One thing I have noticed and it seemed to gradually come on a few days after starting this is that I am more “calm”.  Circumstances and daily issues that arise in my life are the same yet I am responding to them much better, more calmly so to speak.  I am better able to focus and finish one task before moving on to the next and it does not bother me as much that “everything is not done.”  I have no idea why this is although it must involve a nutrient(s).  The only thing I miss is the social aspect of dinner with my husband and cooking together this weekend.

Day 6: Slept great.  Must have been the moon.  Always sleep well day of.  Feeling really good.  Had not felt like much exercise this last week?  But went to a yoga class this morning and it felt great and just what I needed today.  Actually, more focused and somewhat “looser”.  I am relaxing more all the way around??  Did some research on raw milk fasting yesterday and am going to tweak it a little.  Was literally gulping down about 2 or 2 ½ cups when I had a chance and then having about 2 or 3 hours in between.  Believe it should be consumed more slowly and —savored so to speak and within a 12 hour period to allow the stomach and digestive organs a rest.  So, yesterday started drinking about 1 glass each hour over a period of 12 hours which gives me my 3 quarts.  Have been losing about .2 lbs per day so for the time being will stay with that amount.  One thing I have been observing over the last few days is that my “eyes” seem to be better.  Initially thought it was my imagination but has been consistent.  I wear reading glasses and alas I still need them but my eyes feel like they are able to open further and somewhat clearer vision.  Not quite sure how else to explain it other than perhaps the optical nerves and maybe even facial nerves have “let go” a little?  I usually have some sort of opinion but this is all I could come up with.  Starting to get into this.




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