rice waterMy first experience with traditional diet occurred in the early 1990’s when my primary care MD at the time introduced me to Ayurvedic cooking. She also utilized a number of Ayurvedic remedies in her practice of which rice water was one of the simplest. 

SarahThe Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

castile soap liquid and barThe first time you browse the personal care aisles of a healthfood store, it’s hard not to immediately notice the numerous multi-colored bottles and bars of Castile soap that are prominently displayed. These brands are obviously good sellers, which is why they are allocated prime shelf space.

Just because an item is popular and sits on the shelf of a healthfood store,

fabric softeners liquidWithout a doubt, fabric softeners are some of the most toxic personal care products sold to unwitting consumers today. This includes products marketed as dryer sheets and laundry detergents that contain fabric softening or anti-static properties.

While fabric softeners work extremely well to soften clothing and reduce static, they can contain hundreds of unlabeled,

bath bombs on a platterBath bombs are a popular and fun way to add pizzazz to the regular bathtime routine. If made with therapeutic ingredients such as epsom salts, they can be detoxifying and facilitate healing as well.

Young children love bath bombs because they add pleasing scents and color to the bath water.

homemade baby wipesI remember so well holding my firstborn child for the very first time.

So precious.  So vulnerable!

I couldn’t imagine any chemicals of any kind touching his delicate skin which is why I took what I thought were great pains to ensure any personal care products used were nontoxic.

I must have spend a fortune on hypoallergenic “natural care”

Go PrimalIf you make an effort to source and prepare meals made with fresh, whole ingredients for your family and are still purchasing most of your personal care items from the supermarket or drugstore, let this article serve as the motivation to make a positive change in 2014.

Fact: We absorb an average of 64% of the total contaminants that we put on our skin (source: University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health).

recipe for natural flaxseed hair gelA few months ago, my friend Leslie told me that she was looking into making a natural flaxseed hair gel herself at home. She suggested I look into it also as we both have long curly hair.

I started researching the idea of making a natural hair gel myself right away as I found the concept intriguing.