goose eggsI tasted goose eggs for the very first time while on vacation recently in Colorado. Like duck eggs, they are not a common food in the American diet. However, they are becoming more widely available as an increasing number of people opt to raise small flocks of egg laying birds in their backyards.

sucralose, splendaSucralose is the most consumed artificial sweetener in the United States. Grabbed a diet soda, sports or energy drink? It very likely contains it.

How about any number of “reduced sugar” processed foods frequently touted as “healthy” snacks? Examples include muffins, breads, bars, and other convenience foods at the grocery and healthfood store.

classic meatloaf recipeJust because the weather is warm doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some serious comfort food! When it comes to main courses, one of my favorite dishes that hits the spot is classically inspired meatloaf.

I recently enjoyed perhaps the most delicious traditional meatloaf I’ve ever ordered in a restaurant. It was at The Refinery,

manuka honeyRaw local honey is a seasonal food crafted by nature as bees get back to work on springtime blooms. And while its use as food is quite popular, honey is also very beneficial as medicine. Of all the 300 or so types on planet Earth, manuka honey is the best of the best for this purpose.

crawfish stockI’ve received a number of email requests recently on how to make crawfish stock. This is an important step after a crawfish boil since there are so many leftover shells! Making use of them rather than just wastefully tossing them away is a very economical as well as environmentally wise practice. 

plantain flourHave you ever wondered about the differences between bananas and plantains? If you bake with these foods frequently, you’ve probably thought about how plantain flour compares with banana flour as well.

They certainly look similar, but beyond that, they are not at all the same. 

desiccated liverIf you’ve spent even a minimal amount of time studying how healthy traditional cultures ate, you’ve no doubt realized that nose to tail eating is a prominent and very important – if not crucial – characteristic. This means that historical people groups consumed not only the muscle meats from animals, but also the organs,

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