cold pressed milkMy oldest child who starts college this Fall recently returned from a trip to visit his Grandparents in Australia. Down Under, raw milk is totally illegal. You can’t even buy it at the farm! Rather ironic for a British Commonwealth country where the Queen drinks unpasteurized raw milk and had her dairy farmer Adrian Tomlinson bottle it up fresh and deliver to grandsons William and Harry when they attended boarding school at Eton!

toenail fungus causes and curesBesides leaky gut and the host of autoimmune issues that go along with it, antibiotic overuse is also a major cause of nail and toenail fungus. The unbalancing of the gut that occurs allows pathogenic fungal strains like Candida to become dominant over beneficial, friendly microbes, get into the blood and infect other tissues.

soy proteinMuch controversy exists on the topic of soy today. Is it an ancient food or modern menace? Or a bit of both? Beyond the known problems of soy proper, does soy protein bring any additional dangers to the dietary table?

This is important because many food manufacturers stealthily replace part of their meat based processed foods with soy protein.

peanut oilThere are several popular restaurant chains that make it a point to tell customers that they use peanut oil for cooking and frying. The Five Guys burger chain and Chick-fil-A are two that quickly come to mind.

Is peanut oil really a healthier choice for cooking, especially when it comes to a fast food type of joint?

caprese salad recipeOne of my favorite dishes to order while traveling is a caprese salad. The picture above is one that I ordered in Amsterdam recently. It was amazing!

I’ve discovered over the years that a simple caprese salad made exactly the same way can taste quite different depending on the location. Between the type of tomatoes arranged on the plate to the thickness,

lardArchaeological evidence indicates that pigs were one of humanity’s earliest domesticated animals. Few livestock became as widespread and prolific under its influence. This ancient trend continues today with pork comprising nearly 40% of the world’s current meat production. In addition to the meat, lard (along with butter) formed the lipid backbone of European cuisine from castle to corner store for much of its post Roman history.

raw milk freshnessWhen making the smart switch to unpasteurized milk from allergy-triggering pasteurized or ultrapasteurized (UHT) organic milk, a consumer needs to learn a few tricks of the trade right away. One of the most important is how to maintain raw milk freshness as long as possible.

Practically speaking,