matcha latte recipeMy favorite hot beverage to enjoy at any time of day is a creamy latte. I know many of you would agree! While caffeine free versions are preferable, the slow, jitter-free caffeine release from a matcha latte blended from traditionally made green tea powder can be highly therapeutic when needed.

Never heard of matcha?

beet sugarWhen it comes to natural sweeteners, beet sugar seems like an excellent choice. I mean, sugar coming from vegetables? We all need to eat more of those, right?

Beets are certainly one of the most nourishing and detoxifying of the root vegetables. The traditional tonic known as beet kvass comes to mind here.

bulgur wheatGrains play a very important role as affordable, easily cultivated staple foods around the world. In Asia, rice is the prominent player. In North America, corn and wheat are king. Middle Eastern countries also rely heavily on wheat, but it isn’t in the form those living in the United States and Canada commonly encounter.

diagnodent laser cavity detectionIt’s amazing that with all the advancements in dentistry over the past 100 years, cavity detection has remained virtually unchanged in conventional dentistry. A dental hygienist pokes around with a pick in the grooves of the teeth after cleaning to see if it “sticks”.

Then, a dentist follows up to check these suspect areas and examines a recent set of dental x-rays to confirm the presence of caries.

banana flour recipes, green banana flour muffinsThe benefits of eating starchy green bananas is making lots of waves in the health community of late. While some diets demonize all things starch, the truth is that it can be a very nourishing food if you get the right kind. The classic blueberry muffins recipe below uses green banana flour for a delicious and easy way to get some into your family’s diet! 

date sugar and syrupOne of my favorite fruits happens to be dates. Sadly, where I live I rarely get to experience the fresh version.

Either way, dates – fresh and dried – are an absolutely delicious as well as nutritious traditional food. They are one of the oldest known cultivated plants, going back around six thousand years!

lobster stockLobster is expensive! So why do most people so quickly throw out the shells? These bits of exoskeleton can easily make a quart or more of luxuriously rich lobster stock.

We don’t think twice about making bone broth with parts of the skeleton of vertebrates. So why not make it with the exoskeletons of invertebrates?

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