kratom effectsWe parents have quite the challenge on our hands these days. When it comes to drug use, no longer can we concern ourselves with simply teaching kids about the dangers of illicit substances and how to avoid them.

Now we have to dive headfirst down the rabbit hole to pro-actively inform them about legal drugs that they (and ourselves) may benignly encounter under legitimate,

pork ribs recipeI don’t order ribs at restaurants because the sauce invariably contains high fructose corn syrup. This totally toxic genetically modified sweetener, even in small amounts, gives me a canker sore (or a zit) in a hurry. Sometimes within the hour if I get enough of it.

Our whole family loves ribs,

how to make breadcrumbsWhen it comes to sourcing quality ingredients for home cooked dishes, the little things really do matter. Take breadcrumbs, for example.

Most people don’t bother to learn how to make breadcrumbs because the task seems so incredibly mundane.

date syrupI consider myself a bit of a date syrup connoisseur.

In the spring when the pollen is thick, it is the only sweetener I use (besides local raw honey, which helps some people with seasonal allergies).

Any other whole food sweetener, including maple syrup and coconut sugar,

azomiteAzomite is one of those beneficial substances that is useful for many things around the home. It belongs in the same category as apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth and baking soda.

For this reason, it’s best to have some on hand especially during springtime!

best dried fruitWhen people make the commitment to eliminate processed food and sugar from the diet, dried fruit frequently becomes one of the more popular alternate snacks of choice.

While there is some perplexing discussion online about whether dried fruit is healthy or not (seriously?), from an ancestral perspective, it is certainly fine. This is especially true if you take the time to dehydrate fresh fruit slices yourself.

light vs dark roast coffee

In our stressed out/sleep deprived culture, daily caffeine consumption can be a risky practice. The potential for developing an addictive habit is very real.

Visual symptoms such as deep lines/creases in the cheeks, balding lower legs, or lines in the fingertips may eventually appear. Fatigue and sensitivity to bright sunlight are other common adrenal fatigue symptoms from caffeine overconsumption.

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