cooking roast chickenCooking a pastured chicken carefully sourced from a local farm is an exciting experience when taking the plunge for the first time.

What some newbies may not realize, however, is that greater care must be taken when roasting pastured poultry compared to conventional birds.

If you roast pastured chicken the same way you’ve always done it,

potato starch vs flourYou might be surprised to learn that Americans eat a great deal fewer potatoes than they used to. Down from a high of around 80 pounds annually per person during the middle of the last century, people today eat only about 30-40 lbs per person per year in the United States. Not surprisingly, half of all the potatoes grown in the USA end up in chips,

elderberry jelloThe immunity boosting benefits of elderberry syrup for reducing symptoms of cold and flu make it one of the most important remedies in the holistic medicine cabinet. It is also an excellent remedy for illness prevention when small amounts are taken daily – ideally right before work or school.

gluten free oatmealA person who is “celiac” suffers from the serious autoimmune system disorder called Celiac (Coeliac) disease. This condition is an inherited genetic disease characterized by damage to the intestinal mucosa from exposure to gluten.

Gluten is a difficult to digest plant protein contained in some types of grains. All types of wheat contain it including einkorn,

oregano oil, oreganolHerbs differ greatly from most of the plant based foods that modern humans consume. Unlike the hybrids that are in many cases nearly unrecognizable and far less nutritious from their wild ancestors a few centuries ago, herbs are in many ways completely unchanged from their predecessors.

Also, unlike many modern crops, herbs tend to have tremendous resistance to disease and pests due to strong aroma and/or taste.

homemade quark recipeI first tasted quark in the Netherlands (kwark) while on a summer trip with one of my children’s sports teams. I saw it everywhere in both supermarkets and tiny health shops (natuurwinkel) not only in Dutch villages, but also in more urbanized areas of Germany and Belgium.

butter oil and gheeFor those who choose to follow an ancestrally inspired diet, getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin K2 is very important. Without exception, all vibrantly healthy people groups following their various traditional diets across the globe consumed high levels of this elusive nutrient. Yet, nearly everyone today is deficient, most severely so. Following an organic,

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