fascia blasterIn a perfection obsessed culture of photoshopped models and smartphone apps that banish physical flaws with clever lighting and angles, a wellness product called the fascia blaster fits right in. 

colostrumColostrum is Mother Nature’s most primal and potent immune system strengthener.

Babies need it. Moms, cows, and other mammals make it. But does it make sense as a supplement? Or how about as a fresh superfood source from your local, grassfed dairy farm? Let’s examine this popular immunity booster and see if it is worth the cost.

colloidal silver in raw milkI read an article the other day about the growing glut of organic pasteurized milk across North America. A Big Dairy darling until only recently, consumers are increasingly shunning this pseudo-healthfood in favor of healthier alternatives. One option is grassfed raw milk, whose popularity continues to increase by leaps and bounds worldwide.

how to roast gooseGoose is a wonderful option to run-of-the-mill chicken for a celebratory dinner. The taste and texture is somewhere between turkey and duck. Since our family always eats pastured turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, we like to enjoy a different type of fowl for Christmas just to mix things up. This year, it was time for roast goose once again!

avocado oilWhen it comes to cooking oils, “new” and “modern” are usually synonymous with “avoid”. Canola oil, soy oil, corn oil, and of course margarine readily come to mind. Avocado oil, however, is one refreshing example where this rule does not apply!

While avocados have thousands of years of traditional use and benefits,

jaggeryJaggery is a traditional sweetener with a multi-thousand year history of use in Asia, Africa and South America. Few sweeteners besides raw honey have had more widespread influence.

While most in Western countries are still unfamiliar with this ancestral food, it is an excellent and nutritious substitute for more processed sweeteners as long as you know what you should be looking for!

my favorite thingsFor those of you who remember the TV show Oprah, you might recall that she had a very popular end of year episode that showcased her favorite stuff from the previous 12 months. While I didn’t watch Oprah on a regular basis, I did enjoy her “My Favorite Things”

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