Ocheesee Creamery farmhouse before and afterOcheesee Creamery is a third generation dairy farm about an hour west of Tallahassee in the Florida panhandle. The farm is home to a closed herd of about 90 jersey cows, who freely roam and graze on the unsprayed rolling pastures.

This farm is an important provider of fresh grassfed milk,

homemade tooth powderOne of the most popular articles on this blog is a recipe for homemade natural toothpaste. With commercial toothpaste brands overloaded with toxic ingredients (that easily get into the bloodstream via thin gum tissue) and natural versions at the healthfood store very costly, it’s not surprising that people are learning the simple process to make their own!

The Frugal HomesteaderMany of you have come to love John Moody’s articles on this site over the past two years. What many of you may not know is the exciting news that he recently published his first book, The Frugal Homesteader: Living the Good Life on Less (New Society Publishers).

This book is,

sports drink substitutesI have to admit that it makes me sad to see children at athletic events toting around giant bottles of commercially made sports drinks like Powerade or Gatorade.

On top of being loaded with sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, colors and a myriad of chemicals, research has demonstrated that they are damaging to teeth.

traditional cultured buttermilkMy recent recipe for homemade quark resulted in a number of emails asking about how to make cultured buttermilk, a key ingredient in this German style soft cheese. I decided to devote an entire article to my response, because in my view, buttermilk is quite possibly the most confusing of all cultured dairy foods! 

acesulfame potassium, ace kAcesulfame potassium or Ace K for short is a very popular sugar substitute in the European Union.

It is starting to catch on in the United States as well. This is concerning because most Americans don’t know much about it yet, but the name itself sounds sort of healthy. We all could use more potassium,

homemade formula for premature babiesWhile the best baby formula is ideally none at all when breastfeeding and/or quality donor milk are an option, sometimes life after baby doesn’t proceed as planned.

In those cases, the optimum Plan B is homemade formula to avoid toxic commercial concoctions that seem regularly subject to product recalls. 

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