safflower oil, saffola oilSafflower oil is one of the most widely available and popular vegetable oils on the planet. In India, food manufacturers market it as saffola oil, which is a blend of safflower and rice bran oil. Sometimes edible oil companies blend in soy oil as well.

In North America, safflower is available in both low oleic and high oleic form.

crawfish boil recipeA crawfish boil is typically a backyard affair that involves several dozen pounds of live crayfish cooked on a huge pot over an outdoor propane stove.

What if you just need a pound or so of tailmeat for a dish like crawfish etouffee? Is it possible to scale a crawfish boil down to a family affair that is easily cooked on the stovetop using fresh or even frozen crawfish? 

keto, ketogenic dietWhile not the newest weight loss plan on the block, the Keto Diet has seen a surge of renewed interest over the past few years. Part of this interest results from its close relation to the Paleo and Primal food philosophies. But, the excitement is also driven by the immense success of many of its followers.

nutritional yeast dangersThere are a number of dangers and hidden pitfalls for consumers to avoid when they choose to use nutritional yeast as food or supplement. While a very helpful and even essential dietary enhancement for some people, especially vegetarians, it is crucial to consider each of these risks carefully before including it as a regular part of your regimen. 

fulvic acid supplement benefits“EAT DIRT!”

As a kid, I always thought this was an insult. But now, I realize that even if a kid meant it that way, it actually isn’t such bad advice.  Touch dirt. Feel dirt. Spend time in and with good dirt. But also, in a real sense, eat dirt.

balsamic vinegar

Traditional balsamic vinegar is a very dark, concentrated, health promoting condiment with roots in Northern Italy. The real thing is nothing short of ambrosia drizzled at the table on mild tasting dishes or desserts where its intensely sweet and complex flavor can really shine.

Unfortunately, this delectable condiment is yet another victim of the quicksand of industrialized processing.

homemade whipped cream, whipped toppingI prefer to make homemade whipped cream using heavy grassfed cream from my local farm. For those who prefer a nondairy whipped topping because you are low carbing it or for those times when you are out of dairy cream, coconut cream makes an excellent and delicious stand-in!

It is a more budget friendly option too,

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