gag reflexThe gag reflex is a term used to describe an unpleasant, involuntary contraction of the back of the throat. It can be stimulated not only by touching the back of the throat but also by touching the roof of the mouth, the back of the tongue, or the area around the tonsils.

backyard chickensNot so long ago, the United States government actually advocated for people to keep backyard chickens – two per family member. The USDA took the lead on the push for families to own laying hens with the slogan “in times of peace, a profitable recreation, in time of war a patriotic duty”.

Posters prominently hung around communities proclaimed that:

how to grow a pineappleSo, you’d like to start a garden. Maybe you’d like to save some money at the grocery store or teach your children where their food comes from and encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables.

A great place to start is to learn how to grow a pineapple! You don’t even need seeds to get started!

kratom effectsWe parents have quite the challenge on our hands these days. When it comes to drug use, no longer can we concern ourselves with simply teaching kids about the dangers of illicit substances and how to avoid them.

Now we have to dive headfirst down the rabbit hole to pro-actively inform them about legal drugs that they (and ourselves) may benignly encounter under legitimate,

pork ribs recipeI don’t order ribs at restaurants because the sauce invariably contains high fructose corn syrup. This totally toxic genetically modified sweetener, even in small amounts, gives me a canker sore (or a zit) in a hurry. Sometimes within the hour if I get enough of it.

Our whole family loves ribs,

how to make breadcrumbsWhen it comes to sourcing quality ingredients for home cooked dishes, the little things really do matter. Take breadcrumbs, for example.

Most people don’t bother to learn how to make breadcrumbs because the task seems so incredibly mundane.

date syrupI consider myself a bit of a date syrup connoisseur.

In the spring when the pollen is thick, it is the only sweetener I use (besides local raw honey, which helps some people with seasonal allergies).

Any other whole food sweetener, including maple syrup and coconut sugar,

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