peanut butter banana smoothieFor those of you who love peanut butter and banana toast, have I got a smoothie idea for you!

This recipe for a peanut butter banana smoothie is so delicious and filling, you might not even be hungry for lunch. 

milk powderMilk, it does a body good. Or does it? Or did we do something bad to it?

Dairy in the modern world has came a long way from just the cow. Pasteurization, homogenization, and dozens of 5+ syllable words are needed to even begin to capture the industrial processing that dairy now undergoes today.

meat stockProperly prepared homemade broth is a foundational food for autoimmune healing diets such as GAPS, AIP, or the Specific Carbohydrate diet.

The GAPS protocol, for example, recommends a small cup of broth with every meal. This traditional food is the only cooked food that acts as a raw food when consumed.

organ meats sourcesI’ve always giggled when people used the word “offal” (literally pronounced “awFUL”) as a synonym for organ meats.

Indeed, “offal” can be awful, particularly in the eyes of some people who get squeamish at the thought!

However, these nutrient dense traditional foods are easier to painlessly add to your diet than you might think.

dairy free fermentationIn my latest eBook Real Food Fermentation Favorites, I discuss the history and enormous benefits of consuming fermented foods and beverages on a regular basis. Many recipes are provided with guidance on which ones are best for particular health challenges.

You may have noticed that many traditional fermentation recipes recommend raw whey as the probiotic starter culture.

homesteadingIf the numerous natural disasters in recent weeks have taught us anything, it’s that the more citizens are self sufficient, the better they fare when Mother Nature runs amok. When this self sufficiency is pursued as a lifestyle, it is known as homesteading.

Have you noticed that in the aftermath of unexpected and devastating disruptions to modern life,

twistee treatIf only a single adjective could be used to describe how the industrialized food industry operates, it would be the word “deceptive”.

At every turn, consumers are tricked, duped and conned about the ingredients in their food.

The go-to modus operandi is to hide undesirable ingredients on the label using healthy sounding words.