New Year’s Resolutions 101

by Sarah Pope MGA Comments: 2Healthy Living

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Have you ever asked yourself whether New Year’s resolutions are actually “healthy”?

It seems to me that if the stress from a resolution is too great, it can (ironically) derail the very action steps necessary to achieve it!

grain free keto low carb stuffingStuffing is a dish that low carb or keto dieters avoid during the holidays.

The fact that grains are the key ingredient of this traditional dish puts it in the “off-limits” category no matter if the grains are sprouted, sour leavened or soaked.

In our home,

krill oil and cod liver oilEvery ocean on planet Earth contains an abundance of tiny animals known as krill. Measuring only about two inches in size, they are uniquely positioned at the base of the food chain along with other organisms such as zooplankton, sardines and minnows.

Thousands of diverse animal species rely on krill for food including birds,

healthfood store elderberry syrup and gummiesWhen cooler weather arrives, you know that it’s that time of year once again. Coughs, cold and flu start flying around faster than in-laws and second cousins for family reunions and holiday remembrances. You know what else is flying? Bottles of elderberry syrup, gummies, and related products off healthfood store shelves.

charcoal grilled turkeyMy husband and I received a classic style Weber charcoal grill as a wedding present from my work colleagues back in 1991. We’ve used it so much over the years that it now looks a bit worse for the wear!

While the lure of an impressive, shiny new gas grill sometimes beckons as I gaze at our humble Weber sitting on the back patio,

light and dark miso

Did you ever wonder where and why there are so many soy foods in America? Tempeh, edamame, tofu, shoyu, miso, and so many others.

If you are looking for a book that helps explain it all, I highly recommend Hippie Food, which came out fairly recently. 

When the weather turns cold, a hot breakfast such as overnight oats tends to be most appealing first thing in the morning.

The question is, what type of oats are best to use?

While rolled oats are most popular, there are other options too including steel cut (Irish) oats,

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