As I discussed in my previous post, a healthy birthday party for your child starts with making the cake yourself!    We’ve discussed how to make the cake, now let’s talk frosting!   The secret to making a frosting that is delicious and imparts nutrition is BUTTER!   The more butter, the better. And, if the butter comes from cows that graze on grass (as opposed to confinement cows which eat grains and soy),

My big cooking challenge for this week is planning my son’s birthday party and keeping it fun and treat filled and yet still healthy.   Kind of a tall order, don’t you think?   Typical birthday parties for kids include unlimited soda, chips, tasteless Walmart type cake, and lots of candy in the goodie bags.    Each child probably consumes in excess of 100 grams of sugar!  

master tonicThis post details how to make the Master Tonic and why it is so effective as a homemade, totally natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic remedy. Note that the Master Tonic is not to be confused with the Master Cleanse.

Who needs Tamiflu with all its dangerous side effects when you have the Master Tonic,

kombucha teaKombucha tea is a traditional Russian drink that is made from fermenting plain black tea and cane sugar. When made with green tea and honey the beverage is called Jun tea.

Both types of fermented tea have been consumed for hundreds of years. Scientific testing in Russia demonstrated fermented tea to be an effective overall body detoxifier through the binding of the organic acids to all manner of toxins present in the body.

I spent several hours in the kitchen today. Made a huge pot of “from scratch” chili using some homemade tomato puree I made the other day with a big bag of tomatoes given to us by a friend. The beans in the chili were prepared the traditional way .. that is, soaked for 24 hours in water with a bit of lemon juice before cooking to make them much more digestible and non-gassy.

sugar and dairy free cerealDid you know that ALL boxed breakfast cereals are toxic?

In fact, organic boxed breakfast cereal is the most toxic of all!   How can this be?   It seems that everywhere you turn, a bowl of breakfast cereal is touted as a very healthy choice for your first meal of the day.

It’s not true,

As a Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader, I’ve had a number of folks ask me what I think about this swine flu hysteria that is dominating the news this week.     Well, it seems to me that it is a GREAT time to vacation in Mexico!   Think of all the great deals that must abound right about now and for the coming weeks.      

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