Most people realize that excessive sugar in the diet is disastrous to health over the long term.   This would include sugar in all its forms.   Even natural sugars, such as maple syrup and raw honey, cause health challenges if consumed to excess.    Sugar overconsumption leads to ups and downs in insulin levels which eventually cause chronic blood sugar problems either in the form of hypoglycemia or diabetes.    

vegetarianismVegetarianism, and the extreme version – veganism, seems to be gaining acceptance in Western society as a healthy approach to eating.  Consider the huge popularity of the pro-plant based diet Netflix documentary What The Health, which gets an “A” for obsessive ideology but a “F” for actual science.

Vegetarians Suffer More Infertility,

I’ve spent a good part of the weekend at a soccer tournament, so cooking was really the last thing I had time for.   This evening, with three very hungry kids, I decided to whip up the eternal favorite for dinner:  pizza made with homemade pizza crust.

There really aren’t any decent pizza crusts that can be purchased at the store at the moment.  

sunscreen on a woman's backThe critical importance of sun exposure to prevent Vitamin D deficiency is without question, yet the myths associated with sunscreen abound!

There is now so much persuasive and concrete data on this subject that it can safely be said that if you are not regularly getting a short (5-30 minutes depending on your skin fairness),

Offering healthy, homemade alternatives to the typical junk fare is the most important step in hosting a healthy birthday party for your child.   Ideas for making a homemade cake, frosting, drinks, and food were discussed in previous posts.

There are other considerations besides food, however, when planning a healthy birthday celebration.  The guests won’t be eating the entire time,

In this post, I will cover other food items that are typically served at a child’s birthday party and how to have healthy alternatives to all the junk when you are priviledged to host the party yourself.   Please remember that my personal goal for my child’s birthday is not to have them live in a bubble,

As I discussed in my previous post, a healthy birthday party for your child starts with making the cake yourself!    We’ve discussed how to make the cake, now let’s talk frosting!   The secret to making a frosting that is delicious and imparts nutrition is BUTTER!   The more butter, the better. And, if the butter comes from cows that graze on grass (as opposed to confinement cows which eat grains and soy),

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