cod liver oil prevents low vitamin DWhy does the government push dangerous and untested vaccines on the public for the prevention of flu when it is so easy to prevent these vitamin D deficiency symptoms with adequate blood levels of vitamin D?

The answer is always the almighty dollar. Follow the green and you know why this simple flu prevention strategy is completely ignored.

supermarket meat

If you aren’t yet convinced that you simply MUST buy your meat directly from a farmer you trust or at the very least an organic food company that employs humane animal husbandry practices, then this AP article on the wire today should hopefully give you the kick in the pants you need to make this important change to your shopping habits.

shrimp fried riceI get asked a lot how I manage to make basically everything we eat from scratch and still have the time to take a shower everyday. It’s not as difficult as you might think to prepare quality food 3X every day for a family of five. In fact, I am certain I spend at least half what most families our size spend buying and preparing processed foods in their home.

Back in the Spring, I blogged about how ridiculous this whole swine flu pandemic thing was. This media created pandemic did nothing but make money for the pharmaceutical companies with the completely useless, totally unnecessary, and downright dangerous H1N1 vaccine. The sad truth is that large corporations are very adept at manipulating the media to increase their profits and the pharmaceutical companies are total pros at this profit making strategy.

turkey saladWhat to do with all the leftover turkey meat? I’m quite sure this question has crossed the minds of many folks as the lure of holiday leftovers fades away and the reality of the Monday morning routine comes ever closer. While I have no answers for the impending dread of getting up at 6am after a long,

turkey stockDon’t throw out those turkey bones from Thanksgiving because you can make a gallon or two of delicious turkey stock with them! Bone broth is one of the healthiest traditional foods you can make in your kitchen, and using a leftover turkey carcass from a holiday meal is a great way to get started.

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