Like most Healthy Home Economists, I do my best to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. While certainly not ever perfect, one main goal of living this way is to feel and do my very best every single day. A second goal is to avoid the health depleting effects of pharmaceuticals like antibiotics as a healthy immune system offers excellent protection from the need to medicate most illnesses.

According to this article on today, 62% of bankruptcies are tied to medical bills, an increase of 50% in the past few years.

“Unless you’re Warren Buffett, your family is just one serious illness away from bankruptcy,” Harvard’s Dr. David Himmelstein, an advocate for a single-payer health insurance program for the United States, said in a statement.

sprouted flourSprouted flour made from freshly ground sprouted grain is one of the 3 ways traditional societies used to prepare their grains before eating.

This careful preparation of wheat and other grains is necessary in order to eliminate anti-nutrients such as phytic acid and lectins. It also helps neutralize toxins and break down difficult to digest proteins such as gluten.

homemade chocolate puddingIt is a sad fact that most folks under the age of 60 don’t remember how to make homemade chocolate pudding from scratch. Boxed pudding (like Jell-O Brand – yikes!) was introduced to the American public during the processed food explosion that gained momentum after WWII ended.

The incredible ease of making instant pudding by just emptying a box of sugar/chemicals into a bowl and mixing in some milk quickly eliminated any memory of how to cook homemade chocolate pudding over the stove with real ingredients!

egg foo yung boiled eggs

I coordinate a local food club in my community, and today at pickup, one of our local farmers delivered the largest chicken eggs I have ever seen!    They are absolutely beautiful!    What’s more, the eggs are soy free and very reasonably priced!   I’m glad I bought 5 dozen, but I have a feeling they won’t last the 2 weeks until the next pickup.

curry recipes, panang curryTonight, I’m making a real crowd pleaser for dinner … my special recipe for beef panang curry.

For those of you who love Thai food and curry recipes in particular as my entire family does, this dish is so simple and easy to make, why bother sitting in a restaurant when you can make it at your leisure at home with quality ingredients?

Most people realize that excessive sugar in the diet is disastrous to health over the long term.   This would include sugar in all its forms.   Even natural sugars, such as maple syrup and raw honey, cause health challenges if consumed to excess.    Sugar overconsumption leads to ups and downs in insulin levels which eventually cause chronic blood sugar problems either in the form of hypoglycemia or diabetes.    

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