A huge food recall is brewing yet again. Does it involve any products from locally produced, small family farms? Of course not. These huge, expensive, and frightening food recalls involve products produced in factories, where food is not only denatured, rendered nutritionless, and exposed to pathogenic bacteria, but also where a plethora of additives and chemicals are added to tantalize the consumer with fake flavors and aromas.

This powerful, 5 minute video by Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, predicts where the growth of the United States economy will come from over the next 100 years, the growing threat of a “dust bowl” for the industrialized food system, and the “natural selection of the wise” as predicted by Dr.

boma flavors of africa at animal kingdom lodgeMy family loves to visit Disney World. Living only an hour or so away, it seems we go no less than 3 or 4 times a year, frequently with an overnight stay. I’ve personally been to Disney World over 50 times – maybe 75, or even 100 (starting at age 8 when it first opened),

skim milk jugJoke: How do you dramatically increase sales of a new or unpopular food product to the American public?

Answer: Call it a health food!

This joke, while funny, is also very sad as it illustrates with humor what common sense, logic, observation, and facts cannot for the vast majority of Westerners.

paleo banana muffinsYum!  Paleo banana muffins!

I love to try out new things in the kitchen. It helps prevent getting stuck in the same old routine and same old meals week in and week out.

I frequently get in over my head, with something taking a lot more time and effort (and mess!) than I ever imagined!

icelander diet
I got a free issue of Food and Wine magazine in the mail the other day. As I was flipping through it, I noticed an interesting article titled “Should You Eat Like an Icelander?” (hence the title of my blog which answers this question!). Here’s the link to the full text of the article in case you are interested:

The opening blurb on the article proclaims that “Icelanders are among the planet’s healthiest,

Mass Produced Chickens

by Sarah Pope MGA Comments: 2Healthy Living

mass produced chickens

My family traveled across the state this weekend for a soccer tournament. A few miles from the sports complex out in the middle of nowhere, I noticed a large, confinement chicken operation. You’ve probably seen this type of factory farm before, but perhaps didn’t know what they were .. long, thin, windowless white buildings standing in line,

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